Solihull Group Cycling Classes

Get ready to ramp up your routine with our group cycling classes in Solihull.

If you're looking for a fast-paced, fun workout, our Solihull group cycling classes will get your heart pumping and your lower body toned. 

Our spin classes include classic cycle-based workouts, as well as new trends such as the fast-paced RPM and Sprint from Les Mills. Ready for an immersive cycling experience? Try The Trip for a spinning session like no other!


What is group cycling?

New to group cycling? Our cycle classes in Solihull will get you pedalling to a pumping playlist, at different speeds and intensities for a killer cardio workout. 

Led by a Village Gym spin instructor, you'll work the lower body by cycling at speed, on an incline and by upping the intensity with different gears. 

Think, using an exercise bike, at a party... we'll ensure you get your fitness and fun in one 45 minute hit!

Local Spinning Classes in Solihull

We hear you. When you want to get your workout done you want a Solihull spin class on your doorstep that's available when you are!

Hit our spin studio on your way home from work to get your fitness kicks, and avoid the rush hour traffic.

Or pop in for a lunchtime cycling class to give yourself an energy boost for the afternoon.

If you're after local spinning classes in Solihull, you'll find plenty to get your fitness kicks at Village Gym. 

The Trip

The latest release of the immersive cycling experience from Les Mills will take you on an epic journey though beautiful islands with rocky cliff faces... before plunging into the sea to spend your workout under water! 

Solihull Group Cycling Classes

At Village Gym Solihull, we have a selection of group cyling classes to suit all styles and schedules. 

HIIT training fans will love Sprint by Les Mills. A combination of intense cycling sprints mixed with short periods of rest, for maximum calorie burn.

V Spin, exclusive to Village Gym, is a great class for blasting fat and improving your cardio fitness. 

RPM by Les Mills is popular with cycle fans who love a lower impact workout where they control the intensity. Perfect for new members or over 55's.  The choice is yours...

Take The Trip

The Trip by Les Mills has taken group cycling to a whole new level. This immersive group cycling experience will see you ride through a world of undewater caves and snow-capped mountains. 

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, we offer The Trip at Village Gym Solihull in our dedicated, cutting-edge Trip studio.

Great for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that needs a little more fun from their workout routine!

Spin For Beginners

If you haven't enjoyed a group cycling class before, but want a fun new way to get your fitness kicks, our classes in Solihull will ensure you get your cardio and strength workout done in one session. 

Which class is for you is all dependant on what you're into. So we take a look at a few different types of group cycling class plus a few tips to get you started...

How Many Calories Does Group Cycling Burn?

Of alll of the group cycling classes we run at Village Gym Solihull, Sprint and RPM by Les Mills take the crown for burning the most calories.

Our RPM cycling class can burn up to 675 calories during a 45-minute workout. Making this a great choice if weight loss is on your agenda.

The fast-paced Sprint class can blitz up to 450 calories, plus you'll enjoy the post-workout EPOC effect, burning calories long after you leave the spin studio.


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