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Small Group Personal Training


So, you've made a commitment to your other half to get fit together. Or perhaps you've roped your buddies into a fitness challenge. If you're ready to ramp up your fitness routine and need a little support, our Personal trainers will work with small groups, helping you to reach your individual goals as you workout together. 

Small group personal training doesn't only add fun to your fitness session (because everything is better when shared with friends!), it's a greay way to keep yourself motivated, on track and accountable for showing up! 

Enjoying a personal training session as a group is a great option for groups of friends preparing for a charity event, Mum groups looking for a sociable way to workout or businesses that want to keep their teams on top form!

Avoid The Lunchtime Lull

Ditch the desk at lunchtime and enjoy a group Personal Training session with your colleagues!

A lunch hour workout is a great way to stretch out crumpled back muscles that have been hunched over a desk all morning. Plus, you'll get a boost of energy to help you tackle the rest of your day!

"We hit the gym every Thursday before lunch for some Personal Training in Blackpool as a team. It's a great way to avoid sitting at your desk all through your lunch hour and gets us all revived for the afternoon. A quick shower, then we're back at our desks for a sandwich, all pumped and refreshed!" (Abbie | Village Gym Blackpool member)

Sweatworking Is The New Networking!

Post-work networking is so 2018. Working has become a workout with the latest trend to hit the fitness scene...sweatworking.

Forget meeting over lunch or after work drinks, business professionals have found that talking shop whilst burning calories has become a great way to integrate work into their fitness routine.

Sweatworking is a great way to get your colleagues bonding, and is fast becoming a popular choice for teambuilding, as employers strive to inject more fitness into the workplace

Off Peak Personal Training Sessions

If you're more flexible between the nine to five, the gym floor is often much quieter during the daytime, making it a great time for mum groups, seniors or shift workers to hit the gym.

Local yummy mummy groups love the buzz of a group personal training session to maintain their fitness levels and tone up. Our senior members also enjoy a group workout, followed by a cuppa tea afterwards in the Village Grill!

"We're a group of four new mums so the group personal training in Hull really works for us and our schedule. We always stay for a coffee in Starbucks afterwards which we class as our social time. It's great to be able fit in time for the gym and a social life in one go. It's the highlight of my week!" (Emma | Village Gym Hull member)

Personal Training For Sporting Events

Whether you've signed up for the London Marathon, this year's Race For Life or Tough Mudder challenge, our Personal Trainers will help you and your buddies prepare for a marathon, triathlon or mud-filled race!

We'll create an exercise plan that targets the key areas you'll need to improve your running technique, cardio fitness, strengthen the leg muscles and improve posture to make running easier. We'll assess each of your individual fitness levels to ensure your group workout matches your abilities, whilst pushing each of you to improve your overall performance and stamina. 

Group Personal Training For Beginners

Just joined our Village Gym community? If you're not too sure on where to begin, round up a few of your fellow members for a group personal training session. We'll educate you as a group on how to use the gym equipment and which bits of kit you should be using to achieve your own fitness goals.

There'll be some resistance work, exercises to get your heart pumping, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy a little bonding with your fellow members. Follow it up with a refreshing drink afterwards in the Vilage Pub for a taste of our social scene!



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