Have You Hit The Health Abyss?

Over 40? Not feeling the gym quite as much as you used to? According to research, you’ve already hit the ‘health abyss!’

Once the big 40 is over, studies say that 41 is the age at which we start slacking with our strict diets, give up on the health fads and skip our gym workout routines.

Having hit our health peak in our late twenties, it seems we start to lose motivation as we venture through our thirties. Other priorities such as our careers and our families take our time and energy. By the time we hit 40, the average Brit’s motivation to eat well and maintain a healthy exercise regime has almost faded away.

These statistical shockers, from a study commissioned by the happy egg co., claim the most common reason for tumbling head-first into a health abyss was “a lack of motivation”, closely followed by “feeling too old to diet” and simply by “wanting to enjoy life”.

Health expert Dr. Gio Miletto, commented on the figures. He said: “It’s worrying to see that over one in ten Brits don’t believe eating healthily is important. People don’t need to obsess over their diet and fitness regimes in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle – simple actions like reducing the amount of salt and butter used in cooking and using healthy everyday foods like eggs into meal plans can help us step over the health abyss.”

When it comes to exercise, it’s never too late to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Village gym offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training sessions to keep you motivated.

Sure, as we grow older, our time will be eaten up by family commitments, busy careers and that new zest for life that sees us want to get out and have more fun! But by ditching the healthy lifestyle altogether, we also shave off a few of those long years of fun ahead.

If you're falling off the fitness wagon and need a boost of motivation, we've outlined a few alternative ways to get your sweat on. Alternatively, lean on our team of fitness professionals for a little support to get you back on your fitness quest. 


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