How To Get Over Gym Anxiety: Fear No Gains!

Commencing your fitness journey can be an exciting experience to improve health, well-being and overall confidence. Although, for many, stepping into a gym can be a daunting thought that triggers a wave of anxiety. 

Gym anxiety is a common barrier that can put people off from commencing their fitness journey or pursuing their fitness goals. However, conquering gym anxiety is both possible and within reach. In this blog, we will dive into what gym anxiety is and ways we can help you tackle and overcome your fears to help you embark on your fitness journey with confidence.

How To Get Over Gym Anxiety

The process of overcoming gym anxiety can be scary but it’s achievable. Building confidence and comfort in the gym involves mindset and practical changes. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can overcome gym anxiety.

Set Small, Realistic Goals

  • Easing into your fitness routine can help to alleviate your gym anxiety. Setting small and realistic goals will help to maintain motivation and make it achievable. This can range from increasing your walking or jogging distance gradually, lifting gradually heavier weights, or perfecting a new technique for any kind of fitness exercise (such as a push up ro lunge).

Bring a Friend

  • Another way to tackle gym anxiety is to bring a friend. They can not only help to motivate you but they can keep you accountable is a good way; bringing those fitness goals within reach. Bringing a friend also makes the experience more enjoyable and together you can navigate the gym and its equipment, helping to reduce anxiety and nerves.

Educate Yourself

  • A great way to combat gym anxiety is to educate yourself with gym knowledge. You can familiarise yourself with equipment, exercises and gym layout. The majority of gyms will offer personal training and gym orientation which are great ways to get you familiar with the gyms layout and equipment. You can also find resources online that will provide you with tutorials on how to use certain equipment and perform particular exercises. AT Village Gym our staff are more than happy to help you learn more about the workout machines made available to you - just ask!

Focus on Yourself

  • It becomes very easy to compare yourself to others when you’re at the gym, but it’s important to remember that everyone is on their own fitness journey. Ensure to focus on your own progress and goals and remind yourself that everyone starts somewhere and will be at different points of their fitness journey.


  • Another way to help reduce gym anxiety and increase your confidence is through practising mindfulness techniques. You can take some time before starting your workout to focus on your breathing and bring yourself together to get ready for your workout. Pay attention to how your body feels throughout your workout so that you’re not overdoing it by comparing yourself to others.

Dress Comfortably

  • Gym anxiety can relate to workout attire, therefore, trying out wearing comfortable clothing and attire that allows you to move about freely will help boost your confidence to work out at the gym. There is no dress code for the gym, so it’s important that you feel comfortable when working out.

Try Different Times

  • A busy and crowded gym can be overwhelming and increase anxiety, therefore, trialling different times at the gym to find out when it’s least busy can help reduce gym anxiety. Lots of gyms can be busy around lunchtime or early evening after work, so by testing out off-peak hours such as early mornings or late evenings, you can find the perfect time for you when fewer people will be at the gym.

Celebrate Your Progress

  • Celebrating your progress is a great motivator to stay consistent. Celebrating each step forward and achieving a goal no matter how big or small will help you overcome your gym anxiety. Acknowledging your achievements and progress can help you build and reach further goals, whether you have reached a fitness milestone, perfected a new exercise or even just made it to the gym consistently, these are all worth celebrating.

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Understanding Gym Anxiety

To effectively address gym anxiety and overcome it, it’s important to understand what it is. Gym anxiety usually originates from a combination of factors including feeling self-conscious about your body, the fear of being judged and the overwhelming feeling of the gym environment. It’s important to acknowledge that all of these feelings are completely normal and the majority of people experience them when they are starting their fitness journey or someone who is returning to fitness. Recognising the core causes of gym anxiety can help individuals develop coping strategies and techniques that will help to guide these feelings and build confidence within the gym. 

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Understanding that everyone's fitness journeys and progress will vary, can help ease the pressure to achieve perfection, allowing individuals to engage in their workouts with more comfort and self-kindness.

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Handling Anxiety At The Gym

Managing anxiety while at the gym may seem challenging, but it is entirely possible with resilience and self-awareness. Acknowledging and embracing your feelings of anxiety without judgement is crucial, as it is a shared experience that many individuals encounter. 

Overcoming anxiety can be achieved by establishing small achievable goals, considering gym visits with a friend, and getting acquainted with the gym's layout. It’s important to remind yourself that this process takes time and showing kindness to yourself will gradually boost your confidence in the gym.

Get Over Your Gym Anxiety With Village Gym

At Village Gym, we understand that it can be daunting to step into the gym to work towards your fitness goals, which is why we are dedicated to providing everyone with a welcoming and supportive environment where you can feel confident and comfortable in the gym. We have different membership options available which can include state-of-the-art facilities, personalised training programs and expert-led fitness classes, which can all help you to conquer your gym anxiety and help you achieve your fitness goals. Start your fitness journey today and sign up at one of Village Gym’s many locations across the nation.

FAQs About How To Get Over Gym Anxiety 

Is gym anxiety common?

Yes, gym anxiety is very common. Many individuals experience anxiety when starting out at the gym or returning to fitness including the fear of judgement. This is a common and normal way to feel, but with time and practice, you will begin to overcome and conquer these fears and start to feel confident and comfortable in the gym.

Will my gym anxiety go away?

Yes, your gym anxiety will begin to decrease with time and practice. It’s important to remember that it won’t disappear immediately, taking small steps and setting smaller and more realistic goals will help you on your journey. Remember, don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is on their own journey and started at different points.

How do I get over my gym anxiety?

To overcome gym anxiety, set smaller and more realistic goals, get familiar with the gym and try going at different times. Try bringing a friend with you for support and make sure to focus on your own progress. Working on these will begin to ease your gym anxiety and help you gain confidence and feel more comfortable in the gym.


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