Now the festive season is over many of us look for ways to make a change in our lives whether that be a health kick, cutting out the booze, or making small changes in our day-to-day lives.

Dry January is welcomed by many after an overindulgent Christmas period but that doesn't mean it is always easy, navigating social occasions without having an alcoholic drink is out of the ordinary for many and the temptation is real. Research shows that more than 50% of people who take part in dry January give up in the second week!

Benefits of Dry January

While Dry January can be difficult there is a number of benefits that make it all worthwhile!

  • Save you money- you can use the money you would have ordinarily spent on alcohol to treat yourself
  • Health benefits- we all know drinking excessive alcohol is bad for us, so dry January can have a great impact on your overall health and mental wellbeing too!
  • Long-term change- Dry January can help to encourage long-term change and can encourage you to have a healthier relationship with alcohol
  • Do it for charity- many people like to take part in Dry January and donate the money to charity so why not do it for a good cause

Top Tips For Successfully Completing Dry January

If you are struggling to stick to dry January then remind yourself why you decided to take part in the first place, what were your motivations?

Did you cut out the booze to try and lose weight and get healthier in 2022? Remind yourself that regular tipple can pile on the pounds! Ditching the drink can help you in your weight loss efforts, team this with a fat-burning HIIT workout and you’re on your way to a fitter new you.

Learn how to say no
We have all been in situations where we have struggled to say no, therefore if you are attending a social occasion make it known to your friends and family that you are participating in Dry January and you will not be drinking alcohol, it should make it that little bit easier to say no and ask for an alcohol-free alternative.

Why not make your social life a sober one! Grab a buddy and tackle a fitness class. Sweat out all of those Christmas calories, with a pumping playlist and nightclub vibe… it’s like a Saturday night, without the booze!

Ask yourself why you drink
Sitting down and actually thinking about the reasons why you drink alcohol will often leave you surprised as we often opt for alcoholic drinks without thinking twice.
While some of us may prefer the taste of alcoholic drinks, others drink alcohol out of habit or because it is considered the norm at social occasions. Knowing what it is that may tempt you to drink allows you to plan to tackle these temptations.

Don't give up
We all know it's called dry January but if you have one slip up, don't let that stop you, it's all about how you come back from your slip up. So move on and carry on with your dry January mission.

Do something Else
Feel-good vibes don’t just come from a drink, there are so many other enjoyable ways you can spend your time. Why not explore all we have to offer here at Village, with our membership you can hit the gym, have a swim, chill out in our whirlpool and so much more. After you have made the most of our club facilities you can grab a tasty bite to eat in our pub & grill or get your caffeine fix in our on-site Starbucks.

Have a fun sober night
Being alcohol-free doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Organise a fun, sober night whether that is staying in away from temptation, playing games, watching films or whether you want to head out for a nice meal, see family and friends. An evening in without drinking gives you an opportunity to get things done that you wouldn't always have time for.

Why not use this spare time to get fit and feel good, with Village On Demand, get your fitness kicks at home with classes from fitness legends to get your heart racing. You can also benefit from the top tips and tricks you from experts.

So what are you waiting for? It's never too late to get involved. If you want to keep track of your challenge then head to Alcohol Change where you can download the app.


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