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Fall Back | Maintaining Your Winter Workout

As the clocks go back this weekend, the nights grow darker and the days shorter. The shift in your schedule can play havoc with your workout regime. So we've outlined a few ways to maintain that workout as we prepare to 'fall back'...

Don't Head Home

Whilst heading straight home after a hard day's graft sounds like the perfect way to end the day, chances are, if you get home and settled, you're likely to want to stay there. Head to the gym straight after work and make your workout a part of your day, before you get home. Keep a gym bag in the car to ensure you have everything to hand without needing to nip home.

Find New Motivation

The dark can be a real drag, and leads us to prefer a cosy night on the sofa than a sweat sesh in the gym. Grab a buddy and hit the gym together for added motivation, and a routine you'll both commit to.

Or shake up your humdrum workout routine with a new fitness class. Pumping tunes, motivational instructors and plenty of fun! Choose from over 100 classes a week including dance-inspired Zumba, Les Mills Sh'Bam plus the latest experiences from Les Mills. 

Tire Yourself Out This Weekend

A good night’s rest during this weekend is vital for your bodyclock to smoothly transition to the new weekday schedule. To help the process, hit the gym or take a run on Saturday afternoon or evening. You'll be more tired and likely to get a deeper sleep, preparing you for the shift on Sunday.

Shift Your Sleep Schedule

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier on Saturday night and sleep in 30 minutes later Sunday morning. This will help your body to ease into the change without you noticing too much. 

Run With The Sun

If you start to feel the effects of the time shift on those early morning runs, wait until the sun comes up.  When light hits the optic nerve, it tells your brain to stop producing melatonin (the hormone that prompts sleep). Exposing your body to natural daylight will help you feel more awake and get more from your workout.

Rise Early

If you love nothing more than curling up on a winter evening, switch your workout schedule to a morning session. Working out in the morning will jumpstart your body for the day ahead, plus you'll find that the gym may be quieter than after work. Many Village Gyms are open 24/7, so there's no excuse not to rise early!

The adrenaline that comes from a morning workout switches the brain on, making you feel more active and alert for the day ahead. A perfect time for early birds or those with a Village Gym close to the office, meaning you can workout, shower and get set for work before you head off to start your day. 

Need a little help getting started? Speak to the team at your Village Gym about the tools we can provide to give your workout a boost. You'll find our Gym Experience offers plenty to get those fitness goals nailed. 



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