Ski Exercises & Fitness Prep Workouts

The Christmas break is the perfect time to hit the slopes for a little getaway! Skiing is not only serious fun, it offers a great full body workout, improving endurance, balance, and core strength.

Whether you’re new to snow skiing, or are a seasoned skier, hitting the slopes after a season of indulgence can be tough on the body.

So, it’s wise to prepare your body before you head off on that thrill-seeking ski trip, to ensure it's adequately prepared for the action that awaits…

Enhance Endurance

If you’re hoping to spend more time on the slopes that sitting exhausted in the apres ski, you’ll need to work on your cardio endurance!

It’s most likely been a year since you last skied on real snow. So, you’ll benefit from a little cardio prep to ensure you can withstand an all day ski sesh!

Include cardio in your workouts three times a week, and include activities such as running, the stairclimb and the elliptical trainer. The best way to get that heart pumping and your lungs prepared to cope with high activity in low temps.

Pre-Ski Strength

Skiing offers a great full body workout, though puts strain on certain muscles more than others. These are the muscles you’ll want to fine tune before you’re set to ski.


Responsible for holding your position, and protecting the knees, you’ll be glad you worked on your quads when you perfect that position without too much of a wobble!

Add squats and lunges to your workout for stronger quads and improves balance.


Skiing involves holding your body in a flexed position, leaning forwards from the hips which requires a strong butt! Increase your step-ups, squats and lunges to help keep your body stable on the slopes.


Nobody wants the dreaded ski split! Keeping those skis in line works the inner and outer thighs, plus strong thigh muscles enable you to steer better.

Prepare to slalom like a pro, by strengthening your thighs with side lunges, leg lifts and inner thigh squeezes.


Holding a hunched over position is much easier when your abs are ready to rock. Incorporate upper and lower ab exercises into your workout to help perfect your posture, putting less pressure on the back and preventing injury when you twist.

By putting in a little pre-piste prep, you’ll help to ensure your body can handle the action ahead, and avoid potential injury from any tumbles you might take. Much better to get those Instagram snaps of you gliding down the mountain than holed up in agony in the apres ski!


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