How Many Calories Are In Your Christmas Dinner?

How Many Calories Are In A Christmas Dinner

Most of us can’t wait to tuck into our Christmas dinner but for those who are trying to stay on track or if you are just interested, let’s take a look at how many calories are actually in your Christmas dinner.

Whilst we are all allowed to treat ourselves, especially at Christmas time it is always good to be aware of exactly what you are consuming.

How many calories are in your Christmas dinner?

Roast potatoes are everyone’s favourite but at around 200 calories per roastie they can certainly mount up to be calorific. Next up is your meat, turkey is the most popular at Christmas but can set you back approximately 450 calories for four slices.

If you can’t resist the yummy pigs and blankets, for a portion of four these would be approximately 350 calories. If stuffing balls are your thing then it will be good to know that these come in at approximately 125 calories per ball. Your veggies should only set you back around 200 calories in total so make sure you eat them!

What is a Christmas dinner without gravy? This will set you back approximately 80 calories.


Now they don’t say Christmas is the best time of year for nothing. Lots of us who wouldn’t usually opt for a dessert cant resist at Christmas time. Here’s a rundown of the typical Christmas desserts:

  • Mince Pie- 180 calories
  • Christmas Pudding, Custard, and Brandy- 580 calories
  • Cheese and crackers(one portion)- 400 calories


We all know Christmas time means alcohol is usually consumed, again knowing exactly how many calories are in Christmas drinks you wouldn’t usually consume can be very helpful.

  • A glass of fizz- 120 calories per glass
  • A cheeky Baileys- 180 calories per glass
  • A glass of port- 155 calories per glass
  • A glass of mulled wine- 255 calories

P.S. Your secret is out, we know many of you will end the night with a cheeky turkey and stuffing sandwich, this will set you back around 600 calories!











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