"I Lost 3 Stone and Can Now Run 5k"

Louise sought the help of Personal Trainer James at Village Gym Hyde, after battling high blood pressure and feeling lethargic throughout the day. With his help, Louise lost 3 stone and is now able to run a distance of 5k. 

Her story...

"The first PT session I had with James was at the beginning of April 2018. I was overweight, unfit, my blood pressure was creeping up and my mobility and balance wasn’t brilliant. In the first session I couldn’t squat or lunge using body weight only and I couldn’t speak following 5 minutes on the cross trainer. At the end of the session I struggled walking up the stairs from the gym and I had to sit in my car for 20 minutes before driving home!"

"Personal training with James not only gave me the confidence to exercise, it allowed me to make the most effective use of my time in the gym. His expertise in health, fitness and diet provided the exact programme I needed."

"He knows how to get the best from me, altering my goals and progressing me when needed. He constantly observes my technique and makes suggestions and alterations to make sure I am exercising safely. I now incorporate cardio and weights into my weekly programme and have just started to learn to box too – all with James’ supervision."

"I was 46 when I started with James, working full time; had a previous stroke and heart surgery but
none of this stopped me…… If you want to see results and are prepared to put in the graft I would
highly recommend it. Thank you James at Village Hyde."

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