11 Types Of Gym User

The gym is a fascinating place for a spot of people-watching. People of all shapes and sizes, with their own routines and ever-so-slightly annoying habits.

So we outlined our top ten types of gym-goer, some of whom, you might be familiar with. Which one are you guilty of?

Different Types of Gym-Goers

The Stasher

Stashers don’t like to walk to their equipment… they like to use bits of kit to create a fort around themselves, ensuring everything they need is at arm’s length.

They’ll have a dumbbell in each size and colour, just in case they decide to use it. Look at them in a way that suggests they're not using it and they'll pick it up immediately just to prove a point.

The Tornado

Whilst many of us will pick up after ourselves once we’re done, the Tornado of the gym floor is happy to leave stray kettlebells, strewn towels and bosu balls bouncing around for others to pick up. Their workout space often resembles a child's playground, and tidiness isn't exactly a priority. 

The DJ

Everyone has that particular gym playlist that gets us motivated for exercise. And that’s the joy of earphones. The DJ understands the concept of earphones, however hasn’t yet grasped volume control. Get your sweat on within two metres of The DJ and you’ll be close enough to enjoy their back catalogue of beats. Note to DJ's... if you‘re sharing your gym space, don’t feel the need to share your music tastes too!

The Talker

More than a third of gym goers admit to using their mobiles during their workout session. The Talker can often be found pounding the treadmill whilst simultaneously catching up on the previous nights’ gossip. Most of the gym can listen in to their phone call thanks to the absence of a quiet telephone voice. Throw in regular notifications from WhatsApp and beeps from Facebook tags and you’ve got a full cacophony of sounds to really distract your workout.

The Exhibitionist

Many gyms have a shirts-on policy to ensure that everyone feels comfortable (we do!). Though, if there isn’t a policy, or at least a sign to say so, The Exhibitionist will strip straight down to it. Bare flesh, sweat dripping onto the SkillMill and distractions that could result in an accident if someone’s not careful! Yes, you’re proud of it, you should be. But keep it covered, please.

The Gawper

It can be easy to feel a tad intimidated in a gym environment, due to unwanted attention from others… and with a Gawper around, it’s easy to see why. Locking eyes with a stranger whilst mid-squat isn’t everyone’s idea of a good pick-up technique. It’s not going to win you any points in the cool stakes either. Look, by all means, but if you want to get friendly, start a conversation… don’t just stand and stare.

The Instagrammer

Usually seen wearing the latest athleisure, cameraphone in hand, and hair looking a little too coiffed, the Instagrammer wants everyone to see where they worked out, how they worked out and what they were wearing whilst they did it.

The funny thing is, they spend so much time perfecting their selfies, that they actually spend little time getting their workout done.

#PutDownTheCamera #Seriously

The Dramatic

Throwing your dumbells down in the gym like you're competing in World's Strongest Man is a little dramatic, and pretty darn dangerous. Dropping dumbbells can damage them, as well as the floor... and your feet if you’re not careful. All of the above will make you look very uncool and probably cost you way more than a little embarrassment. Don’t throw your toys around.

The Wannabe PT

When you’re enjoying a spot of gym time, the last thing you find helpful is a complete stranger doling out advice you didn’t ask for. The Wannabe PT likes to assess and critique their fellow gym-goers, and offer a little guidance on everything from posture to technique and their preference on protein shake. It’s not only a tad condescending, but taking advice from anyone not qualified to provide it, isn’t something we’d recommend! For anyone needing professional fitness advice, we have personal trainers for that.

The Grunter

If you’re performing a heavy set that’s pushing your entire body to its limits, letting out a grunt here or there is perfectly acceptable. But grunting your way through every rep isn’t too pleasurable on the ears of everyone else around you. The Grunter may well just be pushing themselves to the max, though it's not necessary for us to hear all that spluttering. 

The Space Invader

One of the biggest annoyances in the gym is other folk encroaching on your own personal space. Not only can you feel the heat radiating off them, smell their sweat in your nostrils, but they’re also an accident waiting to happen. Getting a little close to any heavy moving object will result in pain. Let’s respect each others space, shall we!  


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