Man-ssentials | Your Gym Kit Hit List

A guy's gym bag is one of two things. A perfectly prepared fit kit full of workout essentials... or a tatty old sports bag crammed to the brink with sweaty socks and half-eaten snacks. 

Whichever category you fall into, hey, we're not here to judge! But if you're in need of a little overhaul on the man-ssentials, we've outlined what you'll need in your gym kit. We asked our male Village Gym members for a peek in their gym bag, and the handy bits of kit they couldn't live without...

Gym Shoes

One of most important of your gym bag essentials, your sports shoes support you more than anything else during your workout. Choose wisely. If you're a runner, opt for a pair with added support and cushioning. If you're lifting weights, plump for something that reduces ankle movement to help you maintain an upright torso. 

Tip: Gym shoes giving off a whiff? Throw some odour eaters in there in between sessions, or sprinkle with some talc to absorb moisture. 

Sports Band

Because holding your phone not only looks naff, it gets in the way of your workout. A sports armband that holds your phone or fitness tracker leaves both hands free to get down to it. It also avoids the dreaded getting home from the gym to find you left your phone on the treadmill. And missed ten calls from the Mrs. 

Tip: Download the MyWellness app and link your fitness progress in the gym to your phone. Ask one of the chaps in the gym to help you out with it. 

Sports Bottle

Hydration is so important. Make sure you're sipping on something throughout and after your workout. If you’re dehydrated, your workout will lose it's edge. Grab a sports bottle from the leisure reception and fill with water, juice or your favourite protein shake. 

Tip: Clean that thing out after use. Refilling without washing makes a breeding ground for mould and nastiness. Not something you want in your mouth.


Nothing ruins a workout like leaving your headphones at home. Stash a spare set in your gym bag so they're always to hand when you need your favourite beats to blast it to. Go for high quality headphone to avoid tinny sounds or wireless headsets to avoid tangled wires.

Tip: Get waterproof headphones if you can stretch to it. Resists sweat and keeps the sound quality tip top.

Sweat Towel

For wiping down your kit, keeping drips out of the eyes and getting the sweat off before you recline onto that expensive car seat of yours. 

Tip: Wash it. Regularly. In fact, buy a few and rotate. 


If you're hitting the gym after work, you're likely going to have your work gear and tech gadgets with you. Grab a lock to keep things secure in your locker while you crack on in the gym.

Tip: Forgot your locks? Ask at the leisure reception to borrow one of ours. 


No brainer. If not to mask your manly post-gym musk, to spare the rest of the gym from enjoying it. 

Tip: Grab a compressed travel sized version, it'll last ages and save room in your bag. 

An Extra Shirt

If you're working up a sweat, take something to change into once you're done. There are loads of gym shirts available with moisture-wicking Dri-FIT fabric, which helps keep sweat stains at bay. They also looks great to wear if you're catching up with friends in the Village Pub afterwards. 

Tip: Roll it, don't fold it. It will crease less. 


Don't let hunger hinder your workout. A well-fuelled body performs better than a hangry* one. Stash a few snacks to ensure you have plenty to keep your body going. Nuts, fruit or protein bars are a good bet.

Tip: Stock up on Whey Protein bars in the leisure reception, currently three for the price of two. Whey hey!

What's on your gym kit hit-list? Share your man bag with us on Instagram!

* Hangry: So hungry, it makes you angry. 


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