Social Media... Help or hindrance to your fitness journey!?

Social media means we have fitness tips at our fingertips, heaps of motivating content creators & a lot of lives to compare our own to. In this blog, we’re going to join the conversation on all things social… And figure out if this world in our hands is a help or a hindrance to our fitness journey.


So firstly… How has social media been able to have this effect?!


  1. Education… One of the major benefits to having this wealth of information is gaining knowledge, and not in a “I need to revise” kind of way. In a “i’m watching this video whilst lying in bed” kind of way. We are constantly consuming therefore constantly absorbing… articles, videos, and expert advice and more.

  2. Communities… You hear us talking all the time about the “fit fam”, and we’re not wrong! Fitness journeys are much easier to digest with people around you. The introduction of social media means the fit fam is 24-7! 

  3. Influencers… Or as we call them fitfluencers. It’s like your ‘role models’ from when you are a kid. They guide you, give you tips and hold you accountable in your mind. However… Where do you draw the line between attainable and unattainable?

  4. Global… It’s no longer just about Jim at your local Gym, you can get fitspo from all over the world! The more people you can reach, the more likely you are to connect with a certain content type or way of learning.


This all sounds really positive so far, but as much as there are benefits to using social media as a tool for your fitness journey… It can turn nasty too. Here are some of the downfalls of holding yourself accountable with the help of social media:


  1. Unrealistic expectations… We talked about influencers in the positives, but this can also be a negative. Not everyone has the same set up in life… money, geographical location, health and more can have an impact on your fitness progress. It’s not as simple as following your favourite influencers' success blueprints.

  2. Comparison… Where does influence meet comparison? Yes it’s great to be inspired by people to help you grow, but if this is causing an effect on your self-esteem then it's a recipe for a dip in confidence and motivation.

  3. Negativity… We’re in the troll era. Keyboard warriors love to comment on other people’s lives. Focussing on positivity is advised… Only you and the people around you know your true fitness journey. 

  4. Information overload… What is the correct way to do things?! Fitness has people divided. Make sure the content you are consuming comes from a reliable source! 

  5. Anddddd relax… Social media and fitness could be a bit of a clash. Sitting on your phone all day, comparing and wishing things would be different. How are you going to translate this fitness inspo into your real world goals?!

So we’ve weighed up the pros and cons, and it’s left us with a burning question… How can social media play a positive role in our fitness journeys?! We’ve come up with a few hints and tips to make sure you’re staying on the positive end of the ‘gram.


  • Educate yourself positively and responsibly… Curate a positive feed, with feel good posts, spreading no unattainable fitness fads. Be critical about what you’re reading… Where is this information coming from? Don’t be afraid to sense check information with your Village Gym Personal Trainers. 

  • Set realistic goals… If you pre-set your goals with a Personal Trainer, there is less risk of being swayed into silly fitness or diet fads. Your goals should be based on YOUR body and life, remember that your favourite fitness influencer doesn’t know you.

  • Balance screen time and factor in reflection… Too much of anything is bad! Limit the amount of time you spend consuming. Take time to reflect on your findings, and make sensible decisions on what you take action on.

  • Prioritise real life interactions… Yes, social media has its benefits for enhancing your fitness journey. However, this should not replace the real world fit-fam. Village Life is there for the taking! Get involved! 


So social media has its help and its hindrances, that requires a balance to ensure you stay on the positive side of things. If you’re in the habit of setting realistic goals with your fitness journey, why not extend that to your social media usage? Together we can empower each other and set the tone for positive fitness journeys!


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