New Year, New Kit!

To get your January fitness plan off to the best possible start, we've updated the gym floor in Bristol with the new Technogym Pure Strength range, a series of plate loaded machines. Designed as a result of vigorous research and tested by Olympic athletes, each new piece of Technogym equipment has been developed to optimise your training.

To help you maximise your workouts, track your progress and smash those New Years fitness goals, here's what's in store...

The T Bar row works all the major muscles in the back whilst also engaging the biceps, the glutes and the core. It’s dual handles allow you to shift the focus of your exercise across these different muscle groups. For added comfort the high-density padded chest support and ergonomic handles, give you the best possible support and grip, whilst the dual level foot support allows users of all heights to perform the movements with ease.

The innovative Hack Squat allows users to safely perform squats, squat jumps, lunges and lunge jumps, either double or single legged, thanks to it’s extra large foot platform and single leg foot rest. With a max load of up to 400kg, it’s loading and de-loading elastic band attachments allow you to adjust resistance whilst creating an isotonic profile (constant muscle load) and protecting the knee joints at high degrees of flexion.

The Pullover offers a complete workout for the upper body with the benefit of distributing the weight load equally along the whole range of movement.
The Easy Start feature and multiple handles enable users with all degrees of shoulder mobility to safely perform exercises.

There are 3 different positions that each hold different benefits-
1) Elbows on pads and hands on the secondary handles; easy on the shoulders and does not require lots of mobility. 2) Triceps are not involved.
3) Elbows on pads and hands on the multi-grip handles; slightly harder on the shoulders in the beginning of the movement, requires good mobility. There’s also involvement of the long head of the triceps.
Free elbows and hands on the rear handles; slightly harder on the shoulders, requires good mobility. All 3 heads of the triceps are involved.


Tone your glutes and hamstrings with the new Technogym Hip Thrust. Its large, multi-angle foot platform safely distributes pressure across the foot and allows three different foot positions for a variety of different muscle engagements.
1) Feet close to the glutes; works the glutes and quads
2) Feet in the middle; focuses on the glutes
3) Feet far from the glutes; works the glutes and Hamstrings
The ergonomic pelvic pad reduces pressure in the pelvic area for increased comfort.

The Chest Press offers the freedom and feel of free weights with added safety benefits, ideal for working on your pecs, triceps and anterior deltoid muscles. Equipped with Biomotion, this piece of kit replicates the natural movement of the body through the range of motion, while the resistance remains steady, making for exceptionally fluid movements. The Chest Press features an ergonomic seat and backrest to help you maintain the correct position during workout as well as to support your spinal column.

The Shoulder Press movement replicates the overhead press in the frontal plane and is the perfect piece of kit to build on your deltoids, triceps and traps. It’s Bodyprint system padding adapts to the shape of your body, providing maximum comfort and stabilization, while it’s independent moving arms offer the option of training one arm at a time.

Get down to Village Gym Bristol this new year and mix up your workouts with the best new kit Technogym has to offer.


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