Full Workout At Home

If you can’t hit the gym and you’re looking for a full body killer workout you can do at home, in our own time with no equipment, Village Gym have you covered. Being chained to your kitchen or dining room table all day might drive you towards the biscuit tin and we’ve got a speedy full body home workout that will clear your head and let you sweat out your stresses!

What’s even better, is that our fully body home workout is just 20 minutes long meaning you can still enjoy your lunch break, play with the kids or take the dog for a walk for a breath of fresh air. It’s about quality not quantity and a speedy HIIT workout can help improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, activate all muscle groups, elevate your heart heart to torch excess calories, and it boosts brain function. That’s right after a mini full body workout with Village Gym, you’ll be even more energised and ready to tackle your work load!

Simply perform each exercise for 45 seconds then enjoy a quick 15 second rest before moving onto the next circuit exercise.

If you start to struggle, don’t give up, adjust the work : rest ratio, try 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Repeat the circuit twice and take 1 minute between rounds.

Remember if you want to see the results, you need to put in maximum effort during the work sections. We expect 10/10 effort every time the timer beeps. You’ll cherish those 15 seconds in between each exercise to catch your breath.

Since you’re at home and you’re not sure how many calories you’re burning, we’d recommend getting yourself a fitness tracker, either a MyZone belt or Fitbit, in order to gauge your effort and calories. With a HIIT workout you should aim to hit between 70 - 90% of your maximum heart rate during your work time periods. It’s easy to calculate, simply subtract your age from 220 - et viola, you have your maximum heart rate!

All you need to do is follow our lead and amp up the energy!

Full Body Home Circuit

Always remember to warm up. Prepare your body for this intense session by stretching each muscle group and getting your heart rate up. We’d recommend some running on the spot, jumping jacks, bodyweight squats and plank holds.

Are you ready?

Flat Out Burpees

From a standing stance, lean forward and put your hands on the ground and kick your feet back together so you’re in a press up position (your back should be straight). Then jump your legs forward, outside your hands, then jump high in the air with your hands above your head. Do as many as you can within 45 seconds.

High Knees

As simple as it sounds, keep your back upright, jog on the spot, alternating your knees really high and pumping your arms to gain momentum. Keep going until you hear the beep!

Touchdown Lunges

Start with your feet together. Step one foot forward aiming to create a 90 degree angle with both legs and push through the front heel to power back to the start. Then keep alternating sides for the 45 seconds.
And if you want to make it a sweatier session, progress this movement with a jump but make sure you land softly and bend your knees.

Mountain Climbers

Start in a high plank position, palms flat on the floor, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above your wrists, legs extended and core engaged. That’s you just starting! Whilst keeping your core tight, draw your right knee towards your chest, return to the starting position and then immediately copy that movement with your left knee. Keep alternating for the 45 seconds and push the speed for the ultimate calorie blitz.

180 Squat Jumps

It’s time to burn those legs! Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or a little wider, point your toes outwards and sit back. Then drive through your heels to explode up and spin to your left 180 degrees. Once you land with your knees slightly bent in a squat position, repeat this motion to face forward again. Keep jumping for 45 seconds!

Plank Taps

Start in a high plank position, palms flat on the floor, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above your wrists, legs extended straight and core engaged. Tap your right hand to your left shoulder whilst keeping your core very still and engaged. There should also be little to no hip movement, swaying will not help you get those 6 packs! Then repeat with your left hand to the right shoulder. 45 seconds of tight abs.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly. Then jump to the right as far as you can, leading with your right foot and swinging your left leg behind your right. Get those arms swinging across your body to help momentum. Once you land on your right foot and bend those knees, pause for a second then jump back to the left. Side to side killers for 45 seconds.

Plank Jacks

Start in a high plank position, palms flat on the floor, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above your wrists, legs extended straight, glutes tight and the core engaged. Then jump your feet out and in - just like jumping jacks. Keep those jacks going for 45 seconds!

Side To Side Lunge Chops

Stand with your feet together, hands clasped and arms overhead. Take a big step to your right, bend your right knee and chop your arms explosively to your right foot. Push off your right leg and return to your starting position then repeat on the left leg. Get chopping!

V- Ups

Lie on your mat, face up with your legs extended and arms extended above your head on the floor, tight to your ears. Contract your ab muscles and press your back into the ground. Are you ready for the hard bit? Keep your toes pointed, squeeze those thighs and glutes, and then lift your legs and upper back off the ground simultaneously. Reach your hands forward to meet your feet so that your body creates a V shape. Then, keep your core tight as you slowly lower your body back to the original position. Repeat for 45 seconds straight.


And there you have it, 20 minutes of pure pain and sweat!

Don’t worry if you struggle, it’s all part of the process, and it’s how you’ll get better, fitter and stronger! The first time you complete this circuit you might stop a few times per exercise, then the next time just once, then before you know it, you’re smashing it out like a Les Mills Warrior!


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