A study recording activity levels of various age groups since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March, has found that older adults were the only age group to become more active during lock down.

Conducted by researchers at University College London, the results showed that over 65’s were leading the way in following the government’s advice to keep fit and healthy, in order to protect against the virus.

The study also indicated that in younger people, activity levels were seen to decrease, which could be attributed to the closure of gyms during that time.

Whilst the study doesn’t show a rosy picture for activity levels in all age groups, the increased level of exercise in older adults is certainly something to celebrate and sustain when life eventually returns to normal. The NHS recommends that adults engage in 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. With the increased risk of Coronavirus in older adults, this advice is more prevalent than ever in this age group, to help boost the immune system and prepare the body to fight off illness.

Now the weather has taken a turn for the worst and we head into Winter, it’s really important to keep the momentum going! Why not switch your daily outdoor walk for a stroll on the treadmill, a dip in our heated, indoor pools or take part in one of our many group fitness classes, with something on offer to suit all abilities!


Looking after your body and mind, Yoga uses a combination of physical and mental exercises to improve your posture, strength and flexibility. Our inclusive classes require no prior experience and moves can be adapted to suit all ability levels. Yoga has been proven to help with joint pain and improve balance, making it the perfect low intensity workout to incorporate into your routine.

Offering similar benefits to Yoga, Tai Chi focuses on deep, meditative breathing and flowing between controlled movements and postures. While it may not get your heart racing, Tai Chi is a great way to build up your activity levels to enable you to progress on to higher intensity exercise if you wish to.

Make a splash in our aqua aerobics classes that shape and tone using the resistance of the water, whilst being gentle on your joints. These classes incorporate elements of aqua zumba, stretched-based water yoga and aqua jogging, to increase your heart-rate and challenge your fitness levels at your own pace.

If you’re keen to get started on a fitter new you, we offer a variety of memberships, including Peak, Off-Peak (perfect if you’re retired!) and short term memberships.

Our clubs are COVID secure, with plenty of safety measures in place to ensure you get your workout done feeling protected.

Find out more information on all the precautions we’re taking to keep you safe. 



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