Pregnancy Yoga

Though you may not feel like dragging yourself (and your precious cargo) down to the gym,  exercising during pregnancy is a great way to help prepare your body for childbirth and keep the body limber.

One of the most popular fitness classes for pregnant women is yoga. Thanks to the gentle movements and slow pace, Mums-to-be from the newly pregnant to those about to drop, can enjoy a safe workout that packs plenty of benefits.

We take a look at the benefits of pregnancy yoga and how you can reap the rewards. Downward dogs at the ready...

Great for cardio health

Any activity that makes your heart beat faster is great for strengthening your cardiovascular system. Of course, don't go into your first pregnancy yoga class full pelt. Start off slowly and gradually build up to a point where you're breaking a sweat, but not feeling your heart beating out of your chest!

Perfect that posture

The aim of yoga is to improve balance, strength, flexibility and posture. This can help your body cope with carrying the extra weight of your growing baby, as well as preparing you for childbirth. Our yoga class will help to strengthen the core, the back and lengthen your spine. All perfect for carrying baby with ease.

Maximise muscle strength

Tone the upper arms and improve muscle definition, making you better able to lift and carry (baby, essentials, prams, moses baskets, carry cots, all the presents from your baby shower...)

Better breathing

Our Edinburgh pregnancy yoga class is one of the most popular fitness classes amongst our post and ante natal Edinburgh members. This class uses relaxation and breathing techniques with postures that are adapted for pregnancy. The breathing techniques used in our yoga classes can help during childbirth, making breathing more fluid and controlled. 

Better breathing is also known to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a higher quality of sleep. You'll be needing plenty of that!

Strenthen that pelvic floor

Pregnancy and birth weaken your pelvic floor muscles. 

Your pelvic floor muscles support your bowels, womb and bladder. You'll feel them in action when you jump, sneeze or cough, lift heavy things, and push your baby out into the world.

During our pregnancy yoga class, you can use certain postures to exercise your pelvic floor. 

Make it your own

Of course, you're not restricted to fitness classes specifically for pregnant women. If you join a general yoga class rather than a pregnancy-specific class, ask your Village Gym yoga instructor to advise you on any exercises that you shouldn’t do or ways to adapt exercises for you. You'll enjoy the benefits of the yoga class, though a version that works for your body.

Low intensity

Whilst pregnant, you'll want to avoid the prospect of overheating. Yoga classes are a geat way to get the body moving without getting overly sweaty. You should aim to work hard enough so that you breathe more deeply and your heart beats faster, but not so hard that you can’t hold a conversation without gasping for breath.

What Our Members Say...

"I have been suffering from back pain throughout my pregnancy and found that regular yoga classes have really helped."

"If you hate sweating it out in the gym, you'll get great results from the Aberdeen yoga class at Village Gym."

"Yoga keeps me calm and relaxed, which is crucial for the baby's health as well as my own".

"I love my weekly yoga class at Village Gym Edinburgh!"


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