Body Attack Benefits

If you're feeling the effects of a little overindulgence, it's time to get started on those weight loss goals! We hear you, slogging away in the gym for hours doesn't exactly come at the top of your fun list. So, why not lose weight with your fellow gym buddies and try the fat-busting BodyAttack from Les Mills.

Attacking The Fat

Research shows that high-intensity interval training optimizes our muscles’ ability to burn fat. Our BodyAttack class by Les Mills combines a number of athletic movements (think, lots of running, lunging and jumping), plus strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. If you're after a fat-blasting fitness class, this is it!

During a BodyAttack class at Village Gym, you can expect to burn up to 730 calories... dependant of course, on how hard you work!

If you're new to BodyAttack, or have just joined us as a Village Gym member, take your first class slowly. Your fitness class instructor will modify certain exercises for you whilst you get used to the techniques. Build up the intensity over time to maximise your fat burning potential and smash those weight loss goals. 

Moobs & Muffin Tops

As we get older (hey, it happens to the best of us!) men tend to store more fat around the middle. For women, fat settles further down towards the bum and thighs. BodyAttack is a great class for those feeling the effects of being no spring chicken anymore! Blitzing fat in these stubborn areas and reducing a number of health issues that come from the dreaded middle-age spread! 

By reducing body fat, you also decrease the risk of heart conditions, type 2 diabetes and added pressure on the joints which can weaken them over time.

Big Up The Muscle Mass

BodyAttack is designed to build strength and stamina.

Strengthening key muscles will help to build more muscle mass, giving you a more toned appearance and allowing you to work your body for longer. The added muscle will also speed up your metabolism, keeping you burning calories long after your BodyAttack class is over. 

"I do BodyAttack in Edinburgh every week and have noticed my body shape transform! I'm more toned, have more energy and a stronger." (Village Gym Edinburgh member) 


Expect to work up a serious sweat during your BodyAttack class. So bring a bottle of water with you. Drinking water regularly throughout your BodyAttack class helps to keep your metabolism up, helping the body to keep burning those calories. It will also prevent you from snacking immediately after class and spoiling the efforts of a big calorie burn.

Ready to attack those weight loss goals? Book your BodyAttack class online. 



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