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All It Takes Is 30 Minutes


Ready for some fitness facts?

The team at UK Active found that the average adult spends more time on the toilet every week than exercising and eight times longer watching TV than they do working out. Hey, we're all for catching up on the latest Line of Duty episode, but even those of us with the most hectic working lives have 30 minutes for fitness. 

TAKE 30...

If you're struggling for time to squeeze in a spot of physical activity, we've outlined a few ways you can get your workout done in 30 minutes...

Hit The Studio

A group fitness class isn't only a fun way to get your sweat on, many of our classes offer a full body workout, giving you the maximum benefit in the time you have. 

Try a class such as BodyPump which features the scientifically-backed 'REP Effect', keeping your body burning calories for long after your workout is done. Win!

Lunch Hour Lift

Ditch the desk at lunchtime and enjoy a group Personal Training session with your colleagues!

A lunch hour workout is a great way to stretch out crumpled back muscles that have been hunched over a desk all morning. Plus, you'll get a boost of energy to help you tackle the rest of your day!

Grab A Buddy

We’ve all been guilty of skipping a gym session in favour of a spot of sofa time. Hey, we all like to catch up on the latest Netflix boxset! Though make the commitment with a friend, and you’ll be less likely to duck out for fear of letting them down.

Having a gym buddy makes you accountable to someone else, so your achievements on the gym floor are no longer just for you… they’re for your buddy too. And that includes showing up in the first place! So plan a gym session with your bestie before you head home from work, and you'll miss the rush hour traffic too!

Banish The Boardroom

Organise meetings outside and get down to business in the great outdoors. Fresh air is great for upping your concentration levels and getting the creative ideas flowing. For team meetings, make it a walk rather than a sit down do. Best for smaller groups, (unless you want the rest of the building to wonder why the whole office is pacing the car park!) walk and talk to get your steps in and the heart pumping. 

A Little Healthy Competition

Be your workplace fitness planner and start a sports team or workout group. Lunchtime football in the local park, a 30 minute team powerwalk when that 3pm lull hits or a sporting challenge to raise funds for a local charity. If everyone's working from home this is also a great way build connections with your team face-to-face!


Get your heart pumping and your body moving for just 30 minutes a day, and you'll bag the following benefits...

  1. Enjoy a full body workout
  2. Minimise your risk of heart diease
  3. Burn calories to aid your weight loss goals
  4. Reduce stress by increasing the 'happy hormones' in your body
  5. Stretch out sore muscles caused by sitting at a desk all day
  6. Improve posture (which also makes you look trimmer!)
  7. Boost energy levels helping you to focus more clearly
  8. Improve memory. Just 30 minutes of exercise can increase the production of cells in the brain responsible for memory and learning
  9. Improve self confidence
  10. Reduce high blod pressure
  11. Work your lungs to help with asthma or breathing difficulties
  12. Get a better nights sleep, for longer too!
  13. Expand your social circle by meeting new fitness friends
  14. Reduce symptoms of back pain and weak joints (Pilates is a great option for back pain!)
  15. Prevent Type II diabetes
  16. Increase bone density to help treat or prevent osteoporosis
  17. Make everyday activities easier with functional training
  18. Speed up sluggish digestion
  19. A great way to treat depression and anxiety
  20. Improve agility and co-ordination
  21. Strengthen key muscles to improve balance and prevent falls
  22. Turn back the clock. Just 30 minutes of exercise arouses the brain and slows down degeneration of the central nervous system, which leads to slower reaction times and poorer coordination
  23. Develop muscle toned for more defined abs, thighs and glutes
  24. Help overcome addictions such as smoking
  25. Enable your mind to feel more relaxed
  26. Improve your productivity and get more done with your day
  27. Look younger - all that blood circulation is great for the skin!
  28. Increase your metabolism for better fat burning
  29. Improve upper body strength to make carrying and lifting easier
  30. Wind down afterwards with a sip on something chilled in the Village Pub & Grill!

So what are you waiting for? Take just 30 minutes out of your day and build a fitter, happier and healthier version of you!


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