Box n' bubbles

Glass of fizz anyone? Yes please. But first, it’s time to do the box class.

Our dynamic boxercise class is a fantastic fat-burning and stress-relieving workout. This class is expertly crafted to engage your entire body, elevate your heart rate, and leave you feeling energised. With classic anthems setting the mood, you'll be vibing and feeling good throughout the session. From pad work and boxing circuits to cardio and resistance exercises, this high-energy session will not only tone your muscles and enhance agility but also torch those unwanted calories.

Our Boxercise classes are tailored to suit individuals of all fitness levels, whether you're aiming to enhance muscle tone, boost cardiovascular endurance, or simply unwind and release tension. This high-intensity session integrates boxing, cardio, and circuit training for a comprehensive workout experience. Whether you're a fan of intense HIIT sessions, seeking weight loss, or aiming to refine your coordination skills, our class is designed to meet your needs and goals.

We love new members getting involved so try it out if you aren't sure where to start your fitness journey, there will be plenty of people to get opinions from and you might find a new gym buddy.

After your workout, we think you deserve a cheeky glass of fizz! You will have some time to catch your breath, refresh and get to know your fellow box friends. 


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