Meet the Manager

As a valued member of Village Health & Wellness, you’re part of the family and with that we want you to feel involved, appreciated and more importantly seen and heard. At the end of the day, we’re a community and want to listen to your ideas, concerns and success stories!

Our Club managers adopt a real hands on approach and love getting to know their members. Their regular ‘Meet the Manager’ event gives members opportunities to come and say hello and get to know more about the club, the staff and what we have to offer.

New to the club? 
Learn about the different bits of kit, get your head around our stacked classes schedule or seek advice about technique or nutrition. We have you covered. 

Existing members? 
We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on how you feel about the direction the club is going in. If service has taken a slight dip, if cleanliness is not to your satisfaction, the Meet The Manager event is a perfect time to have your concerns listened to and more importantly, actioned. We also LOVE hearing your success stories. From losing a load of weight to nailing a personal best in your most recent 10k, hearing about you absolutely smashing your goals makes everything we do absolutely worth it!

Fitness fanatic with fab ideas?
Let’s hear ‘em! If we can do it, we certainly will! No idea is a bad idea and if it keeps fitness routines fresh, members motivated and happy, then we’re happy too! 


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