Fitness classes have become extremely popular as a way to achieve physical well-being without having to hit the gym floor. However, one lingering taboo persists: the assumption that fitness classes are primarily designed for women. Studio-based classes have come a long way since the days of girl groups hopping on steps to cheesy 90's power ballads. The benefits of group exercise for men are huge. Though many believe the false hype that a group class won't quite cut it when it comes to meeting their fitness needs.

Ditch that thought. 

Gender stereotypes have long dictated the roles and behaviours deemed acceptable for men and women. Fitness classes, unfortunately, have been labelled as predominantly female based, creating an unnecessary barrier for men to access the benefits that fitness classes offer. Let’s make it clear…

  • Men can still build muscle in group classes.
  • Fitness classes aren’t a ‘one size fits all’, or only suitable for the new and the nervous.
  • Group fitness classes offer the same, if not more benefits to your progress as a gym floor workout.

We have over 400 different classes available from Les Mills to our own Village Exclusive classes, so you won't be short for choice. Whether you're into muscle building, core strength, endurance or upping your cardio game, we've got you covered. 


Check out some of the top picks for our male members...

Boxxer Blast

A healthy mix of boxing, cardio and strength training in a 45 minute class. You are guaranteed to break a sweat whilst busting some moves. Great for building upper body strength, working the core and keeping your cardio strong.


Only the tough will survive the Burn! Exclusive to Village, BURN is our very own HIIT workout designed to improve your fitness levels in as little time as possible. With 7 different focuses including strength, stamina, speed, power, agility, core and Tabata, our Burn sessions will keep your workouts exciting.


If pounding out reps with your gym buddy or hammering the treadmill for half an hour is starting to feel a little unexciting, a dance class is a surefire way to make your workout much more fun! Grab your mates and make it a group commitment. You'll get your cardio fix, and the social buzz of dancing with your buddies.

With music featuring the latest Grime and Hip Hop beats, you'll feel more like you're on a boys holiday than in your local Village Gym.


BodyPump features what's known as the 'Rep Effect', a proven formula to gain lean and athletic muscle. With increased muscle mass, you’ll have more energy, resulting in greater weight loss and calories burned!

From BodyPump classes you’ll notice a visible change in your physique, toned arms, a trimmer waist and tighter abs.


Aside from the camaraderie of working out with your bros, our group classes incorporate various exercises and techniques that will challenge you to push physical limits, whilst you're working on your goal-smashing.

Expert instructors can give you valuable information on how to do an exercise with correct form and technique, enabling you to maximise your workouts and maximise your workout window. Plus, the supportive environment creates motivation, and a sense of belonging, increased self-confidence and boost to your mental well-being. We all need that, right?

To break the taboo surrounding men attending fitness classes, we actively promote inclusivity and create an atmosphere that encourages men to feel comfortable and accepted. Our fitness instructors happily welcome members of all ages, genders and fitness levels into their classes, ensuring that the environment is a judgement free zone. Sure, there's a widely held perception that classes are for girls! But many of our male members are loving a lunch time lift, a Saturday spin sesh or throwing shapes to the latest house beats.

Everyone's fitness journey is unique. You have the power to assess where you are in your fitness journey and mix things up to optimise your results. By supplementing your usual gym floor routine with regular fitness classes, you add an extra level of intensity and challenge, which will power you up towards achieving those goals.

It's time to shatter the taboo and celebrate men who choose to attend fitness classes, empowering them to prioritise their health and well-being without judgement.

Ready guys? Into the studio...


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