Burn & Bubbles

Burn and bubbles is a member event we are running. I don’t know about you but we think this is a great way to have a full workout and socialise afterwards. Being part of the gym community is a way to meet new people, catch up with friends all the while reaching your fitness goals.

Burn is one of our ultimate workout classes- the two we do are Burn Aero and Burn HIIT which are both great full body workouts.

Burn Aero helps to improve your speed and build up endurance- we know how to put you through your paces! The Technogym Skillmill offers a killer full-body workout experience by combining the benefits of traditional treadmill training with the added challenge of being self-powered.

Burn HIIT class is a high intensity interval training session designed to smash your personal best, add new challenges to your workout and increase endurance. There are different session focuses including Strength, Stamina, Speed, Power, Agility, Core and Tabata, which will keep your workouts exciting and more motivational.

This class is perfect for individuals who want to feel the burn! If you want to push yourself to the limit then you should get involved, we want everybody, beginner or expert to come and join in.

Burn has many great benefits but these are a few of our favourites:

  • Add a little competitive edge to your workout with friends, see who can sweat the most.
  • Perfect for those that need a little more challenge in their workout routine.
  • Your workout will be done in just 30 minutes, with the effects of a much longer session, leaving you feeling GREAT!

After your hard workout, we will treat you to some bubbles and give you time to recharge before the rest of the day. Get chatting to some of your friends or mingle with others you haven’t met before. We love the community that can be built with people that have similar fitness interests so make sure you get involved!


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