Fitness Trends For The Summer

Summer has finally decided to show it's face, we're looking forward to social soirees, bountiful BBQs and a whole host of new fitness fads to get stuck into.

A look at the fitness trends sweeping in for the summer...


Research shows that group exercise is now more popular than swimming and running*, with 3.76 million more fitness lovers choosing to get their sweat on with others over the last two years.

Not only is exercising in groups way more motivational, but the variety of group fitness classes mean there's something to suit all ages, abilities and fitness goals. 

Who doesn't enjoy a little fitness with friends? Grab your bestie, or a few fellow Village Gym members for a group studio class or outdoor fitness session.


LIIT training will still burn the same calories as a good HIIT session, but can add an extra 30-40 minutes to your workout. Fortunately, the lighter nights leave us plenty more time to enjoy our exercise sessions, so an outdoor walk with varying speeds is a great way to get your LIIT done.

Researchers at Ohio State University found that 8% of the energy we use while walking comes from stopping and starting. Switch up your stroll. Changing direction, turning round or walking in a curve can burn 20% more calories than walking in a straight line. Keep your body guessing by changing direction and varying your speed every five minutes.


There are many reasons why getting our sweat on in the great outdoors makes us feel good. Beautiful views, the sun beating down on our faces and getting away from the hustle and bustle of a packed gym floor, to name a few. Though research has found a link between spending regular time outdoors and our perception of how we look. So it's no wonder we'll be spending our summer enjoying outdoor exercise classes and park runs.


Our DNA dictates a lot about how our bodies perform and how we should look after them. Understanding the make-up of our DNA can help us improve gym performance, health and wellbeing.

Your DNA has a big influence on many factors which affect your fitness and weight, including how efficient your metabolism is, your levels of hunger-affecting hormones such as ghrelin, your sensitivity to sugar, saturated fats and other macronutrients.

Many of our members have already praised our DNAFit kits. A non-intrusive process that takes minutes via a home-test saliva swab kit. Once analysed, you'll receive a report outlining the results. Find out more about DNAFit.


Think, aquacise, with maximum impact. High intensity water aerobics add resistance in the water and increase the intensity of your workout. Plus, a number of new water-based trends have emerged, such as FloatFit. 

Perfect for all fitness abilities, the continual movement of water requires you to work your core, strengthening key muscles and honing that balance!

The key is not to fall in! So you'll enjoy a combination of high intensity and yoga-inspired movements for a full body water workout with a difference.

FloatFit is currently on trial at selected Village Gym clubs. 


A study from fitness app Strava revealed that runners are happier.  Out of 8,000 people, 89% said taking part in a running event lifted their mood.

Running is a great summer activity.  Warmer mornings, lighter nights, plenty of nature to enjoy as you speed by... and the fact that nothing beats the feeling of the sun shining on your face.

Dig out those running shoes, and go for it.

*   Sport England's Active Lives research

** Study from fitness experts, EMD UK 

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