Getting Started As A Village Gym Newbie

For gym newcomers, the gym floor can be a little daunting. Nobody likes to stand braced on the treadmill, haphazardly pressing buttons in hope that something will happen. So, as a Village Gym member, we want to ensure you feel fully at home, which is why we've outlined a few tips to get you started, and on track to achieving your fitness goals...


We know, 'nobody bothers with gym inductions', though our free Health and Wellbeing check offers a lot more than a humdrum tour of the floor and how to use our gym kit drivel.

As a Village Gym member, we'll sit down with you and get to know you. Your dedicated fitness coach will chat to you about your lifestyle, what you want to achieve, which bits of kit you might love and what motivates you to get your sweat on. We're fully aware that the sun is shining and that being in the gym isn't the top of your fun list, so we'll do our best to ensure you get the most out of your workout in the time that you have.

If that wasn't enough we will even throw in a Tanita session, allowing us to assess your unique body stats so we can best help you. We'll use this alongside all the information we found out about you to create a tailored fitness plan that works for you because nobody's schedule is too hectic to fit in 30 mins of exercise a day. Don't worry, we don't just leave you to it. We'll get you booked in for a six-week review to see if any adjustments are needed to your fitness plan.

We'll walk you through our cutting edge equipment to ensure you know how everything works, and offer you a few pointers on technique if you need it. We'll also keep you up to speed with our latest classes, member events and innovations so that you have all the help you need to get your fitness quest truly started.

Feeling anxious or nervous? This is your opportunity to ask any questions you like so you feel comfortable when you hit the gym… no question is too small.


Pounding away on the treadmill isn't for everyone. If you need a little more creativity to your workout, our list of studio fitness classes is brimming with the latest circuit, body combat, zumba and HIIT sessions. No matter what your style, there's something to get excited about.


Working out with a friend makes it much harder to shrug off the gym in favour of an afternoon tipple. In fact, studies have shown that exercising with a friend can increase calories burned by up to 25% and the chance of transforming your body shape by a whopping 176% (for real).

So why not enquire about day passes for a friend to come along and offer some motivational support. You'll even bag a treat on us.


We get it, it's all very exciting. You've just become a part of a club, not to mention the bumper crop of smashing benefits that come with it (Not sure? See Member Benefits here).

Set your expectations realistically. If you set out to hit the gym 5 days a week, you may quickly lose the motivation once the fatigue kicks in. Take it slowly... it's not a race. Unless of course, you're training for a race.

Make time for the gym when you have a window of time to fully commit to it. If you're rushing, you're not working out effectively, and your results will be a little slow to show.


It's often difficult to get going or keep yourself motivated, which is why many of our members are already reaping the benefits of Personal Training.

From weight loss to muscle building, our Personal Trainers know which exercises work best for your personal goals. They'll get to know more about what your current goals are, what exercise you enjoy and what motivates you all so they can create a tailored plan so you can smash those goals. Your plan will provide everything you need, from drilling down into exactly which exercises you need to master to offering tips on the best technique for maximum effect.

Looking to drop a few lbs? Then our Personal Trainers will give you solid advice on nutrition to ensure you are eating the right foods to aid your weight loss journey. We'll then assess your fitness levels and advise on the best exercises you can carry out and where you can fit these into your busy lifestyle.

Increase the efficiency of your gym sessions and maximise your workout time to achieve your fitness goals with one of our expert Personal Trainers. Contact your local club to find out more about Personal Training sessions.


As a newbie, our Village Gym app will be your right-hand man, from booking your exercise classes, home on-demand workouts, fitness programs, and even keeping track of your stats. You can even join our community of like-minded Facebook fitness fans to get tips and advice and even find some new gym buddies!



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