There are a lot of new terms and buzzwords being bandied around the gym floor. For many of us, they form part of our daily dialogue. Though, many others may be left wondering what exactly is going on!

So we take a look at some of the gym jargon overheard in the fitness world, so if you’re new to fitness, you won’t get lost in the lingo…

Beasting it up

HIT (or High Intensity Training). Performing an exercise that involves intense effort and a really strong focus.

As in: “He’s absolutely beasting it up!”


Well-built, strong shoulders.

As in: “Look at the boulders on this guy.”

Bro Science

Fitness tips, techniques and hacks shared between fitness enthusiasts. Not always based on fact, we might add!

As in: “You need to have your protein shake no more than five minutes after cooling down otherwise you won’t feel the benefits. It's just bro science.”


Adding muscle mass through strength training and a protein-rich diet.

As in: “I’m bulking right now, pass me the chicken."

Cardio Bunny

A woman who spends her entire gym session on cardio equipment

As in: “She’s such a cardio bunny, she’s on the treadmill for an hour a day!”

Cheat Reps

When muscle fatigue begins to set in, and you start to use the incorrect technique to lift, using different muscles or swinging the body to help you with the move.

As in: “Enough of the cheat reps! Sort your form out!”


Stripping excess fat from the body while retaining maximum muscle. This is done through strict diet and dedicated training.

As in: “No brownies for me thanks, I’m cutting.”


Stands for ‘Delayed onset muscular soreness’. That killer ache you feel a few days after a really good gym session.

As in: “My legs are killing me right now. I’ve got serious Doms.”

Drop Sets

Multiple sets of the same exercise, reducing the weight each time, with no rest in between.

As in: “I’ll just get some drop sets done before we go”.


Impressive biceps and/or triceps.

As in: “Check out these guns!”


A gym member with a lot of muscle, or the physique of a competitive bodybuilder.

As in: “That guy is jacked!”


Admiring yourself in front of the mirror after a workout. Then taking a selfie just to share on Instagram. (We know you do it! Make sure you tag us!)

As in: “Look at this guy miring. Looking good too!"


When someone watches you perform an exercise to ensure you’re moving correctly and safely. Usually done with free weights. (see Gym Jargon)

As in: “Can you spot me?”


Adding more weights than usual to beat your personal best. Great for developing your strength and muscle tone.

As in: “I’m stacking today. Time to up my game.”

Protein Window

The best time to eat your protein for maximum effect (Ignore the ‘Bro Science’ – ask your Village Gym Personal Trainer).

As in: “I need to grab a shake before I miss my protein window”.

Work In

Sharing a piece of kit with another gym member while you get your rest in between sets.

As in: “Can I work in?”

Yogi Someone who loves yoga. Often found in the position of downward dog, or seen working on their breathing technique. 

As in: “She’s such a yogi.”

…so the next time you’re faced with a little fitness slang, you’ll be well-equipped to respond! For more technical talk on fitness jargon take a look at our Gym Jargon A-Z.


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