Gym Etiquette Rules: Everything You Need To Know


gym etiquette

Welcome to the world of fitness, where breaking a sweat is not just a goal but a lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or a newcomer eager to embark on a fitness journey, understanding and practising proper gym etiquette is essential. 

Not only will good gym etiquette help you feel more comfortable in the gym, you might also make some new fitness friends to help you feel motivated while you work out. Not sure where to start with proper gym etiquette? We got you! Read on to discover the unwritten rules that govern the gym space – from the basics of cleanliness to the nuances of sharing equipment with others for a positive experience. 

Cleanliness is Key

Keeping the gym clean and as sanitised as possible during your time there will benefit not only you but those around you. As a rule of thumb, always wipe down equipment after use, even if you were only on the equipment for a short time, or you swear you didn’t sweat on it. 

With so many bodies working hard all day, leaving the space exactly how you found it is good manners. It's a small gesture that goes a long way in maintaining a hygienic environment for everyone. You may wish to wipe down the equipment before you use it for that extra precaution. At Village Gym, we are dedicated to the cleanliness of our gyms, but it’s a practice that can’t hurt to get into the habit of! 

Mind Your Space

When you’re feeling the burn and working on those bums and tums, the last thing you’d want is someone invading your space. Respect the personal space of others during workouts, making sure to give everyone as much space as they need to get through their workout. 

Avoid crowding others and allow ample room for fellow gym enthusiasts to move freely to keep the vibes right. If someone is performing an exercise that may require more room or requires the lifting of a heavy piece of equipment like deadlifts, make sure to leave lots of room for your safety.

Share the Weights and Re-Racking

No need to hog the equipment at Village Gym. If you spot someone waiting to use a piece of equipment that you’re using, be kind and courteous and let them work in between your sets. Sharing is caring in the gym! We are all in this together, after all! 

To keep the good etiquette strong, after using dumbbells, barbells, or any other equipment, always return them to their designated places. A clutter-free gym is a safer and more pleasant space for everyone - no one wants to be tripping over abandoned pieces of equipment! And don’t forget to be mindful of your time on each machine, especially during peak hours. Others are waiting, so keep your rest periods reasonable.

Volume Control and Cell Phone Etiquette

As great as your gym playlist is, not everyone wants to hear it! Keep the volume of your music or podcasts at a reasonable level so they do not disturb others. Not everyone shares your (amazing!) taste, and loud distractions can disrupt the focus of others. Let’s be a team! 

With this in mind, keep an eye on the noise you might make. Dropping weights excessively or grunting loudly can be disruptive. While intensity is encouraged, be aware of your surroundings and try to minimise unnecessary noise.

Remember to limit phone use to essential calls or messages and don't hog equipment while scrolling through your feed. Be present and courteous to those around you at all times. Leave that voice note for after your session! 

Proper Hygiene

This one should go without saying, but make sure you’re fresh and ready for your workout when you arrive at the gym - even though, we’re sure you won’t leave that way! Come to the gym clean and wear appropriate workout attire. Additionally, use deodorant and be mindful of strong scents that may disturb others.

No Judging Zone

Leave any judgement at the door - as we said, we’re all on this journey together. Everyone is at the gym for their fitness journey, with their own goals and way of working out. Avoid making unsolicited comments or judgments about others' workouts, body types, or fitness levels during your time in the gym. You never know what another person is going through, so be kind. 

If you see someone struggling with something, offer a hand if appropriate. If someone is lifting heavy weight and looks like they could use a spot, offer your assistance. It's a gesture of camaraderie and ensures safety during challenging lifts - and you might just find your new fitness buddy! 

Learn and Follow Gym Policies

Knowledge is key to safety and a seamless workout experience. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the gym's specific rules and policies. This includes understanding the check-in process, equipment reservation policies, and any other guidelines unique to the facility.

By adhering to these gym etiquette rules, you not only contribute to a positive and welcoming gym environment but also enhance your own fitness experience. Remember, a considerate gym-goer makes the workout journey enjoyable for everyone!

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