Gym Pull Day Workout Routines

Gym Pull Day: Exercises, Workout Routines & Muscle Groups

It's an undisputed truth that regular exercise is a key player in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's to shed a few pounds, build muscle, or simply nurture a sense of overall well-being, the benefits are endless.

But how can you make exercising more efficient? The answer is 'Pull Day!' So, if you're ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, keep reading to find out more about ‘Pull Day’ workouts and explore how they can revolutionise your gym sessions!

Understanding Pull Day Workouts

You might be wondering, what exactly is a 'Pull Day'?

In essence, a Pull Day is a workout routine primarily focused on exercises that require you to 'pull' weights towards your body. It forms one-third of the 'Push/Pull/Legs' split, a popular training method among fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, known for its efficiency and balance.

The beauty of Pull Day lies in its strategic focus on specific muscle groups. This fitness trend mainly targets your back, biceps, and rear deltoids (shoulders), muscles essential for maintaining good posture, enhancing overall strength, and giving your body a toned, lean look.

But Pull Day is not just for hardcore bodybuilders. Women, in particular, can greatly benefit from incorporating Pull Days into their workout routines. 

As a woman, this workout approach not only promotes muscle tone and strength but also fosters improved body confidence and empowers you to feel stronger and more capable in your daily life.

The Pull Day workout celebrates what your body can do, and Village Gym is the perfect place to start or continue your empowering journey!

Pull Day Muscle Groups

Pull Day workouts primarily aim to engage a series of 'pulling' muscles, which are strategically grouped together for optimal training effectiveness. The muscle groups that are the focus of Pull Day include:

Back Muscles

This group is primarily made up of the latissimus dorsi (or 'lats'), rhomboids, and trapezius muscles. These muscles are crucial for movements like lifting, pulling, and even some types of reaching.


The biceps brachii, located in the upper arm, are primarily involved in arm flexion and rotation. Strengthening your biceps can lead to improved arm stability and functionality, helping you perform daily tasks, such as carrying shopping bags or lifting children, with greater ease.

Rear Deltoids (Shoulders)

The posterior part of the shoulder muscle, the rear deltoids, play a major role in transverse extension, which is the movement of pulling your arms backwards from the front. A strong set of rear deltoids ensures proper shoulder balance, reduces the risk of injury, and contributes to a well-rounded, attractive upper-body physique.


While pull exercises largely focus on the upper body, some movements, like deadlifts, also engage your hamstrings in the lower body. Incorporating these exercises provides a comprehensive workout, supporting overall body balance, enhancing lower body strength, and promoting mobility and flexibility in everyday activities.

8 Essential Pull Day Exercises

Now that you’re equipped with an understanding of the muscles targeted on Pull Day, let's explore some specific exercises that you can incorporate into your routine. These exercises not only promote strength and muscle tone but also enhance your overall fitness, contributing to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  1. Deadlifts: A compound exercise that works your back muscles, biceps, and hamstrings. Deadlifts also strengthen your core, offering full-body benefits.

  2. Pull-ups: An excellent exercise for the latissimus dorsi (lats) and biceps. If you're a beginner, don't fret. You can start with assisted pull-ups and gradually work your way up to the full movement.

  3. Seated Cable Row: This exercise engages your back muscles and biceps and is a great way to improve your pulling strength.

  4. Bent-Over Rows: A classic compound movement targeting your lats, rhomboids, and rear deltoids, promoting a strong, well-rounded back.

  5. Hamstring Curls: While mainly focusing on the hamstrings, this exercise also indirectly works your glutes and lower back, perfect for overall lower body strength.

  6. Bicep Curls: A staple in any pull workout. Bicep curls focus on your upper arms, enhancing arm strength and giving a defined appearance.

  7. Face Pulls: Targeting your rear deltoids and upper back muscles, face pulls are great for improving shoulder health and posture.

  8. Lat Pulldown: An effective exercise for working your lats, contributing to a V-shaped back and improved pulling strength.

Remember, it's not about how much you lift but how you lift. Proper form is crucial to prevent injuries and maximise the benefits from each exercise. Listen to your body and adjust your workout intensity accordingly. You've got this!

Pull Day Workout Routine Example

Creating a balanced Pull Day routine involves incorporating various exercises that work your pulling muscles effectively. Here's a sample Pull Day workout routine you can try on your next visit to the Village Gym. As always, remember to start with a light warm-up to prepare your muscles for the workout:

1. Warm-Up (10 minutes): Start with light cardio, like jogging or cycling, to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm.

2. Deadlifts (3 sets of 8-12 reps): Begin with a weight you're comfortable with and focus on maintaining proper form.

3. Pull-ups (3 sets of as many reps as possible): Use an assisted pull-up machine if necessary.

4. Seated Cable Row (3 sets of 12 reps): Remember to keep your back straight and pull the handle towards your abdomen.

5. Bent-Over Rows (3 sets of 12 reps): Keep your knees slightly bent and your back flat.

6. Hamstring Curls (3 sets of 15 reps): Focus on squeezing your hamstrings as you curl the weight.

7. Bicep Curls (3 sets of 15 reps per arm): Keep your elbows close to your body and avoid swinging the weights.

8. Face Pulls (3 sets of 12 reps): Pull the rope towards your face, keeping your elbows high.

9. Lat Pulldown (3 sets of 12 reps): Pull the bar down towards your chest, squeezing your back muscles.

10. Cool Down (10 minutes): End with light stretches and flexibility exercises to reduce muscle tension.

Remember, everyone's fitness level and goals are different. Feel free to adjust the weights, reps, and sets to suit your needs. The important thing is to listen to your body!

Pull Towards A Healthier You

Unleashing the power of Pull Day workouts is a surefire way to ramp up your fitness regime. By focusing on specific muscle groups and incorporating a variety of exercises, you can target strength, enhance muscle tone, and boost your overall fitness levels. But remember, your workout environment can be just as important as the routine itself.

At Village Gym, we aim to make every workout session an enjoyable, rewarding experience. From our top-notch equipment to the luxurious steam and sauna facilities, we provide the ideal environment for you to thrive.

We encourage you to take your Pull Day workout to new heights at Village Gym. Experience the difference today by booking a tour, buying a day pass, or signing up for a membership

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