How to Stay Fit Over 60: A Handy Guide

how to stay fit over 60

It’s common for people to reduce their levels of exercise as they get older. However, it’s important to still incorporate physical exercise that you enjoy into your daily life to maintain an enjoyable but consistent routine to promote a long life. Maintaining a daily routine promotes a fulfilling lifestyle that fosters a positive outlook on life. In this guide, we will explore the ways to stay fit, its benefits and more.

How to stay fit over 60 (with examples)

When trying to stay fit over 60, it’s important to create an approach that’s suited to your health and fitness abilities, whilst also incorporating different types of exercise to enhance your overall health and well-being. Here are some ways that you can stay fit over 60:

Flexibility exercises

Incorporating stretching or exercise like yoga will help to improve your joint mobility and increase your overall flexibility which can limit the risk of injury.

Cardiovascular exercises

Including activities such as walking, cycling and swimming will improve your body’s overall health and fitness.

Balance exercises 

Incorporating balance exercises into your daily routine is very beneficial for strengthening stability, and reducing the risk of falling. 

Strength training

Resistance training is a great way to boost bone density and maintain muscle mass. Try using light weights or resistance bands.

old man and old woman doing push ups

Benefits of Staying Fit Over 60

Staying fit over 60 has many advantages not only physically but mentally too. Engaging in regular exercise will strengthen cardiovascular health, enhancing the heart's function and reducing the risk of chronic health conditions. Your flexibility begins to decrease as you get older, lowering your levels of mobility, therefore, maintaining a routine that involves stretching exercises will reduce stiffness and enhance joint mobility. Engaging in regular strength exercises helps build muscle strength which enhances functional abilities and lowers the risk of falling.

Alongside the physical benefits, there are also mental advantages including enhanced cognitive function. Keeping fit can also foster a positive mood and increase energy levels which can potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline that comes with age. 

Keep Fit Classes for Over 60

It’s common for people at an older age to want to take part in group exercises for not only the physical benefits but also the mental benefits of being able to socialise and meet new people. 

Keep Fit classes for those over 60 are designed for functional fitness to ensure you are becoming strong and stable in the movements you require to carry out daily functional tasks, from carrying shopping bags to walking up a flight of stairs. These classes will perform exercises that will mimic the movements used in everyday activities, so you may find that they come naturally to you.

old woman going for a jog

Easy Fitness Exercises For Over 60s

Fitness for those over 60 doesn’t have to be complex. There are a plethora of easy fitness options that can help you maintain your fitness levels. An effective exercise to incorporate is walking, it can be adjusted to your fitness levels and can be done wherever you are. Swimming is also an effective way to stay fit, as it provides great cardiovascular and joint benefits due to it being low impact and providing a full body workout. Incorporating resistance band workouts is a simple way to strengthen the muscles without having to use heavy weights. Gardening is another easy way to stay active whilst doing something you enjoy and receiving the benefits of being outdoors too.

Stay fit with Village Gym

When looking to keep fit at 60, Village Gym is here to help you meet your goals. With a range of state-of-the-art equipment, you can maintain your fitness and improve your overall health and well-being. You can choose from our range of cardio machines, weights equipment and fitness classes to stay fit. If you’re looking for a bit of relaxation after your workout, you can enjoy a dip in our refreshing swimming pool, or enjoy our sauna or steam room

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FAQs about staying fit over 60 

Is it possible to regain muscle at the age of 60?

Yes. With a consistent fitness routine that incorporates strength and resistance exercises alongside a balanced diet, you can still regain muscle at this age.

What exercise is the most beneficial for a 60 year old?

A combination of strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises is the best for overall health. You can improve joint mobility through flexibility exercises, increase muscle mass from strength training, and enhance heart health through cardiovascular exercise.

Is walking enough to keep fit?

Yes, including a sufficient amount of walking can keep you fit. If you have more specific fitness goals, incorporating other forms of exercise will help you meet those targets. 


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