How To Stay Motivated During The Cold Winter Months

Staying motivated to exercise and stay active isn't always easy, especially when the colder months start creeping in. The drop in temperature often leaves us feeling more tired and unmotivated. Whether you enjoy hitting the gym, going for a walk, getting out of your warm, cosy bed seems that little bit harder during the winter months.

Top Tips To Stay Motivated During Winter

Gaining the motivation to workout during the winter is no easy task but please do remember you are not alone, it is very common to feel this way. Need some tips on how to stay motivated? Then look no further...

Exercise With Friends

Everything's better with friends, right? Finding yourself a buddy with who you can make plans to workout together can really help to keep you motivated because nobody wants to let their friends down. Let's face it turning a workout into a catch up is always a good idea.

Try Indoor Exercise

Probably the most obvious tip of all is to switch your workouts indoors, this way you can stay out of the cold. There are many indoor exercises that you can take part in to switch it up such as swapping hitting the streets to getting on the treadmill.  

Invest In New Cosy Activewear

What better way to motivate yourself than some new, stylish activewear that will keep you toasty warm this winter season. We recommend layering your look, why not try a base layer teamed with a sweatshirt and even add a jacket depending on what exercise you are participating in. 

Set Goals

Just like in the summer months setting goals is a great way to stay on track, whether it is to walk a certain number of steps or lose a certain amount of weight, whatever it may be these goals are great to stay motivated. 

Create a Home Gym Set-Up

Setting up a home gym leaves you with no excuses to work out as you don't have to brave the cold weather. A home gym does not have to be expensive, you can find many effective inexpensive equipment such as a skipping rope, kettlebell, yoga mat, and much more depending on what exercise you enjoy.

Try a New Class

If you struggle to motivate yourself then why not attend a class where you will be surrounded by like minded individuals and a class instructor who will help to motivate you and push you to keep moving! 

So what are you waiting for? Remember you have to start working on summer body in winter!







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