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How To Stay On Track When Eating Out!


There’s nothing better than heading out to your favourite restaurant on the weekend and indulging in some delicious food. However, this can leave you with the age-old problem of wanting to go out but also not ruin the healthy eating that you have been working hard to stick to all week.

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you can still have an enjoyable experience, so keep reading for some helpful tips!

Top Tips For Staying On Track When Visiting Restaurants

  • Ask for sauces on the side as these can be very high in calories
  • Get double vegetables
  • Look for dishes made from whole grains

Check Out The Restaurant Beforehand

This way you can have a good look at the menu, see there is something that will work for you and fit into your plan. If you don’t see something that fits in your plan right away, don’t automatically rule it out, follow these simple steps

  • See if you can double up on starters- instead of getting a main you could get two starters instead
  •  Why not share your main meal, have one healthy item, and one more indulgent meal that you can share with whoever you are dining with

Say No To Fancy Drinks

Often fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks have many calories so why not save your calories for your meal and drink water, a light alcoholic option, or anything with lower calories.

Ensure to exercise

If you know you are going to consume more calories than usual then we would suggest getting in a workout, it will help to offset the number of calories you are going to consume that day.

Skip Dessert

Need we say more? Probably the most obvious of all but also probably the most difficult of all. Dessert usually contains a lot of calories so to stay on track we recommend avoiding this if possible.

Manage Portions

Managing portions is important for all meals as portion sizes in restaurants are usually much bigger than you would make at home, so keep portions small where possible or take some home with you.
If you really can’t resist a dessert then the best possible advice we can give is to, keep your portion small, whether you share a dessert or ask for a small portion, that is entirely up to you!








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