Keeping Your Fitness Goals On Track During Lockdown

The stress of the ongoing pandemic in 2020, meant that as a nation we found ourselves reaching for a little more comfort food than usual, to provide a little solace from the upsetting news and the struggle of missing family and friends. Unsurprisingly, on top of this, 23 per cent of adults noticed they were drinking more alcohol and on average smokers got through 29 per cent more cigarettes.

As a result of these bad habits creeping in over the year, 43 per cent of us entered 2021 feeling more motivated to make healthy lifestyle resolutions to eat better, exercise, stop smoking and cut down on drinking.

Fast forward just a couple of days into the year and after an announcement from Boris, we once again find ourselves locked down, with gyms closed, our usual routines off course and our good intentions all but thrown out the window.

But, for Village Gym members, all is not lost! While we might not be able to welcome you into club, we’re bringing you your favourite classes, expert training tips and loads of motivation to get you up and moving at home.

Finding ourselves in this situation again, it’s tempting to put our fitness plan on hold and spend the next few weeks curled up on the sofa, binging box sets and ordering a few too many takeaways. But while this may temporarily soften the blow of another lock down, in the end it’s likely to leave you feeling worse, both physically and mentally.

We all know the importance of keeping active but if you’re struggling to keep going with your new year fitness goals, here’s a few reasons hang on in...

Building more than just biceps!

Beyond goals to shed a few lbs or unveil killer abs this year, keeping your immune system fighting fit is more important now than ever. Every workout is an investment in your health, because after all, nothing is more important. Find out how exercise helps to protect your immune system..

Working from home blues?

For many of us, working from home has become the norm, and at times it can feel very isolating without the company of your colleagues, staring at the same four walls of our home offices. Break the monotony of the day with a Village Live class. Smash out a workout with the motivation of your instructor streamed live into your lounge and return to your desk feeling energized to crack on with your work day ahead.

For more tips on keeping healthy when working from home read our blog...

A much needed stress buster!

With everything going on in the world right now, the ripple effects of the pandemic have left many of us feeling more tired and stressed out than ever! Studies over the years have shown that beyond its many physical benefits, exercise is super effective in relieving stress and anxiety. As well as building those biceps, keeping up your workouts will help you build the emotional resilience you need to tackle everything life has to throw at you!

Winter workouts...

This time around, the bright evening runs and outside workouts that kept us going through the Spring lockdown are now a lot less appealing. Now temperatures are in single figures and miserable, rainy days are commonplace, it’s a good job you can join in with all of our live and on demand workouts from the comfort of your living room. There’s no need to brave the cold to get your fitness fix.

Although this year hasn’t got off to the best start, 2021 doesn’t need to be a write off. With a little help from Village you can still achieve your fitness goals and stay fit, healthy and safe at home. 


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