New Year's Motivation

Outlining those shiny new fitness goals for the New Year is one thing, though putting them into practice is another. We hear you, it's cold, the days are long and after a hard day's graft, you want to head home and curl up on the sofa!

Joining a gym shouldn't be a solo struggle. Our fitness community is built on a passion for smashing fitness goals, support to get you there and a love of making fitness fun! 

So whether you're just getting started as a brand new member, or are getting back into the swing after a festive lull, get your New Year's fitness goals in check.

Here's how it works...

The Health & Wellbeing Check

Using the latest Tanita & BodyMETRIX technology, we'll complete a complimentary 30 minute Health & Wellbeing Check before you get started on your new fitness quest. 

Your trainer will take various measurements including your Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat Mass, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Metabolic Age and your Blood Pressure.

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The Fitness Orientation

The next step is your fitness orientation, a 30 minute session with one of our expert trainers. Using the measurements taken at your Health & Wellbeing Check, we'll create an initial 6 weeks fitness plan to help you work towards those goals.

We'll set you up on our latest Technogym equipment using My Wellness technology to track your progress through the Village Gym app. 

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The Review

Every 6 weeks, you'll have the opportunity to meet up with your trainer to discuss your progress and set your next fitness goal. We'll measure your unique body stats using our state-of-the-art Tanita and BodytMATRIX technology to see how the transformation is coming along. 

Be honest! If you've not been an saintly as you had hoped, that's ok. Outlining the areas that could use a tweaking are crucial to achieving your ultimate fitness goals. 

The Classes

Once you're well acquainted with the gym floor, you might fancy trying one of our leading fitness classes.

With over 400 exercise classes a month to choose from, we'll keep your fitness routine fresh and fun. 

Yoga bunnies will love our holistic fitness classes including Pilates, Tai Chi and ballet-inspired Barre, for a limb-lengthening, full body toning session.

If you are a HIIT Fan then we have a number of high intensity exercise classes including circuits, CX Worx and our very own, Burn. Or if you are looking to work off your stress try a combat style fitness class, such as Boxercise, Fighting Fit or Les Mills Body Combat, for a full body workout that will unleash your inner beast!

Just getting started? We have plenty to get you warmed up. Many of our fitness classes can be modified, making them perfect for newbies or anyone in need of a slower pace. Simply let your instructor know that you're finding your feet. 


The Rewards

When starting a new fitness journey, staying motivated can be tough but our memberships come with a number of benefits that should help to keep you motivated. 

  • 20% Off Hotel Stays
  • 25% Off Food & Drink at Village Pub & Grill
  • Discount on a number of our cutting edge kit 

Who knew hitting the gym could be so rewarding! 


Set your goals and we'll show you how we can help you achieve them

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