Marathon Man in the Making

Marathon season is upon us and fitness fanatics in their thousands are prepping for a 26 mile run.

We're delighted to hear that our very own National Sales & Marketing Manager, Tony Johnson will be running the Edinburgh Marathon next month.

Tony has been training hard at Village Gym, five times a week to prepare for the event. He'll be raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society, with a target of £1000 and would really appreciate any donation, no matter how small and any words of wisdom too! Donate here

We caught up with Tony to see how his training is going...

"I’ve increased my mileage from 15 miles a week in January to currently 35 miles a week. My runs vary from 7k to 15 miles. I’m also doing a bit of cross training and core body work. I’ve dropped a trouser size too!"

To enhance his motivation he has invested in a MyZone belt.

“I cannot train without it, the belt really keeps me motivated to push myself. You have your own personal tile which you can view on the TV’s or gym kit and you get up to date information on your heart rate %, how many calories you burn, and you are rewarded with myzone effort points known as MEP’s, the points are going towards a Village team challenge and I want to win!! The MyZone belt is well worth the investment to drive your motivation and track your results”

Tony has given his diet a makeover too, with plenty of protein after workouts and reduced carbs.

"I only eat carbs for pre-run. My runs vary from using the treadmill 7-10k’s to 10-15 miles on the road. I’m aiming to complete an 18 miler before the end of this month and 20 mile in May 2 weeks before the event on May 26th.

It has been grueling at times as I’m doing a lot of hill work to build stamina and I’m also taking additional supplements for a few creaky joints and using a foam roller and ice after longer runs to help. Just over 6 weeks to go!"

Need a few training tips? Read our Marathon training guide



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