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Fitness tracking technology has come a long way. Far from the days of step counters and stopwatches, today's fitness tech is versatile, intuitive and adaptable to your fitness needs.

MYZONE's fitness tracking belt measures heart rate, not steps. This enables you to get a more accurate idea of how your body is performing throughout your gym workout or fitness class.



We asked member, Rachael to share her thoughts...

"When I'm working to the point where I'm out of breath, say lifting kettle bells or on the cross trainer, I can see I’m in the yellow zone and approaching the red zone. If I stop to take a breather, I can see my heart rate drop and I'm back to the blue zone. It's interesting to see in real time on the gym TV screen my work out efforts. It motivates me to get back in to the yellow!" 

Research shows that HIIT training (short, high-intensity interval workouts) burns more calories than longer, lower intensity aerobic workouts. So by keeping the heart rate spiking and relaxing, more calories are burned compared to a slower, more steady workout programme.

"With the MYZONE belt, watching my colour coded effort levels encourages me to work harder as I know the closer I get to the red zone, the more calories I'm burning." 

Using the intuitive analytical technology, MYZONE will calculate a target of MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) based on your fitness level and heart rate. You'll then be challenged with maintaining your MEPs as you progress through your fitness journey.

"I aim to burn 115 MEPs. When I first started the gym this took me 40 minutes. 2 months later, now I'm fitter, to burn 115 MEPs started to take me about 50 minutes! So I increased my speed on the cardio machines as well as increasing my weights, and now I'm back to approx a 40 minute workout to reach my 115 MEP goal." 

You can keep track of your MEPs with your very own MYZONE tile, which is visible on the screens around the gym when you're logged on. You can also connect the app to your phone for on-the-go access to your progress and stats.

"This shows that I can see that my work outs are helping me to reach my goal of being stronger and fitter. And I'm not spending any extra time in the gym. I'm just increasing the speed and weights." 

MYZONE focusses on rewarding effort, rather than ability. It's not about how fit you are, it's about making each workout count. The more you put in, the more you'll get out. Perfect for members who need a little extra motivation, groups of friends who love a challenge and those that like to see their progress by numbers!

"It helps to keep you engaged in your fitness journey as you’ve always got a goal to reach." 



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