The Day Fitness Resolutions Die

January 19th is considered to be the day that most of those fitness resolutions finally come to an abrupt end.

Around 80% of New Year resolutions to get fitter, healthier and more active end up failing before January is even out, and the reasons they fail seem to be pretty consistent across the nation.

We take a look at the most common reasons for fitness failure and what we can do to help put it right…

Unrealistic Goals

Whilst most gym goers aim for a 'three times a week' approach to hitting the gym, or ‘eating a healthier diet’, some resolutions are just a little unrealistic. So, it’s no surprise when they fail before those overambitious results start to show.

We’ve heard plenty of unachievable (and unsafe!) resolutions in our time, from dropping a dress size to getting a six pack… these can be achieved, though not in timescale as short as a few weeks.

We recommend setting a specific fitness goal, and it’s important to establish realistic timescales to achieve them. Ask yourself how much time you can devote to your fitness regime, and set your timescales around what's achievable in that time.  

Winging It

A fitness goal with no plan is just you plodding away on the treadmill... literally, going nowhere fast!

Fitness first-timers and gym newbies often need a little guidance on getting to grips with gym equipment and understanding what they need to do to achieve their fitness goals.

As a new gym member, take advantage of a free fitness orientation and personal trainer session to help you understand which bits of kit do what, and which will work for you. 


An ‘I can’t do it’ attitude is the fastest way to fail when it comes to fitness. If you don't think your body can handle it, you'll never push yourself to find out.

Many New Year’s resolutions fail because the motivation and self-belief wasn’t there to start with. This is where our expert personal trainers can help. By motivating, inspiring and monitoring your progress, we'll push you that bit harder each time, to improve your flexibility, stamina and strength, to ensure the results start to show. 

Going It Alone

As with any lifestyle change (quitting smoking, cutting down on the junk food or trying out a new hobby), if no-one knows you’re doing it, it's easy to quietly shy away from it!

So, when a new fitness regime starts to fall flat, it’s easy to throw the towel in when there’s no-one to be accountable to.

If you need a little motivation, try out one of our 400+ fitness classes a month. From mind and body sessions such as yoga, pilates and tai chi, to dance inspired zumba, calorie burning body pump and the latest immersive cycling experience from Les Mills. There's something for everyone. Plus, working out with others is a great way to maintain your healthy new lifestyle.

Lack Of Fun

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. Though many gym members find that they quickly become bored of pounding the treadmill and working their way around the gym floor.

Group studio classes are a great option for music lovers, outdoor exercise is a fun alternative for those that hate being inside a hot gym and circuit training can really mix up a humdrum regime. It’s all about finding something you love!

Don't let your New Year resolutions die in 2023! Join us today to kick-start your journey before the New Year rush - /sign-up/ 


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