Gym For The Next Generation

As a fitness fanatic we’re sure you’re well versed in the many mental and physical benefits of exercise! If you have teenagers at home, our new Teen Membership for 14-15 year olds is the perfect way to help them find their fondness for fitness, and spend a little less time glued to their phones!

We take a look at the specific benefits of exercise for younger members.

Stress busting
School and exams are stressful at the best of times but teens of today are also dealing with the added stress of a global pandemic, months of homeschooling and missing their mates. It’s no wonder that this added pressure is causing pretty high levels of stress and anxiety in youngsters. Fitting a gym session into their day decreases stress hormones such as cortisol and releases endorphins, for a natural mood boost. It’s also a great distraction from negative thoughts and the mentally draining effects of social media.

Healthier skin
For many people, problem skin is the bane of their teenage years. While some people may associate getting hot and sweaty in the gym with causing acne, there is actually no evidence to show that exercise itself makes acne worse if the skin is cared for properly post-workout. Sweating releases toxins from the body, helping the skin to regenerate and rid itself of any nasties.

Boosted energy levels
Teens love their sleep. Their natural body clocks are geared towards burning the midnight oil and late lie ins. This natural pattern determined by the release of melatonin is disturbed by early morning rises for school, which can lead to a lack of energy during the day. Exercise is proven to boost energy levels, making those early morning get-ups a little less of a drag!

Buddy up!
Joining the gym is a great way for teenagers to meet new friends and expand their social circle in a safe and welcoming environment. Although we’re not currently able to socialise as we normally would, as normality returns, our gyms will once again become the buzzing social hubs our members love. Our teen members can take a dip in the pool, join a fitness class and then grab something delicious from Starbucks. A great incentive to get them up, out and moving!

Build self-esteem
For image conscious teenagers the physical benefits of exercise can have a great impact on their self-esteem. Building confidence can improve their involvement and performance at school by developing resilience and belief in their own abilities.

Although we can all reap the rewards of exercise, the specific challenges faced by teens can be greatly relieved by fitting some movement into their week. This is backed up by the NHS recommendation that teenagers get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.

A great way to get your offspring off the sofa and focussing on something other than XBoxes and Instagram snaps!

Ask in club for more information and to sign up to our new Teenage membership.


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