The Most Googled Fitness Questions

From the latest Instagram-worthy healthy recipes, to top techniques to use in the gym… when it comes to finding fitness advice fast, Google is only a click away.

Fitness fanatics turn to Google to answer a whole heap of health and fitness questions every day. Sports nutritionists, Maxinutrition took a look at some of the most popular questions asked. We took a look at the answers.

The most popular search was, ‘how to lose weight fast’, with a whopping 486,000 people asking Google this one in a year.

The results? A relatively alarming mix of quick fix fitness programmes, dangerous diet plans and advice from those not qualified to dole it out. Word to the wise… fast weight loss is not long term. So if you insist on eating nothing but grapefruit for a week, don’t expect to maintain your temporarily slim physique. Expect sore gums too!

The second most popular search was similar… ‘best way to lose weight’. The focus on weight loss is unsurprising, as many gym goers admit they struggle to maintain a healthy diet and weight loss success.

Forget quick fix tricks and celebrity-endorsed fad diets. Long term weight loss is about making long term lifestyle changes. Sadly, many people are looking for easy weight loss techniques with fast results. Despite what many ‘experts’ online may have to say, these techniques don’t exist.

If you’re struggling to see results from your weight loss endeavours, we recommend a consultation with one of our expert personal trainers. Our Personal Trainers will drill down into your diet and workout regime, highlighting where tweaks and lifestyle changes should be made for maximum results.

Contact your local club to find out more about Personal Training sessions.

145,200 people a year take to Google on the quest for the perfect six pack… ‘how to get a six pack.’

For many gym goers, a defined six pack signifies fitness success. Though there’s a lot of mixed advice about how to sculpt the perfect abs.

We all have them, though it takes specific techniques and dedicated training to make them stand proud. Sadly, simply doing hundreds of sit-ups every day isn’t enough.

When people refer to a six pack, they want a low enough body fat percentage to see the shape and definition of the muscles. It’s that simple. When it comes to changing our body composition, we can really only do two things. We can either gain or lose fat, and gain or lose muscle. So, if you want that six pack appearance, you’re going to have to shed the layer of fat that is covering up your muscles. 

Need a little help? Our fitness team will work with your with ambitions for awesome abs, through strategically planned workout techniques and nutritional guidance.

Not everyone is hellbent on shedding the pounds for the summer ahead. 79,200 people a year ask ‘how to gain weight’

Gaining weight, just like losing weight involves careful planning and dedication. The same way that restricting the body to a seriously low calorie diet can have damaging effects for weight losers, eating too much of the wrong stuff can lead to health issues for gainers.

It’s great to see so many Googlers motivated to get regular exercise. Next on the list was, ‘best exercise to lose weight’. Whilst all exercise that gets the heart pumping can be beneficial, the ‘best’ exercise depends on the person, their lifestyle and their goals. Our fitness orientation is a great place to start, in discovering which bits of kit are right for your fitness goals. 

The other most popular searches were:

‘how to build muscle’ (52,800)

‘best foods for weight loss’ (34,800)

‘how much protein do I need’ (28,800)

‘how to get bigger arms’ (22,800)

It seems gym goers are keen to be educated on the right way to go about their fitness quest, which is great to see!

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