In a post-lockdown world, it's not quite as easy to cram in our usual routines around our working day.

Supermarket queues and finding the quiet spots make picking up groceries a chore. For those working from home, we find that our nine to five has merged into a pyjama-clad 7am start that finishes somewhere around dinner time. Then there's home schooling, housework and video catch ups with your WhatsApp group. 

Add in your regular fitness fix and suddenly your day is feeling rather full. 

So get your fitness kicks when you need them, with 24/7 access to the gym floor at Village Gym Eastleigh, Basingstoke, Bristol and Portsmouth

24/7 Fitness At Our Gyms


Early risers or shift workers can get their workouts in around their working day. Hit the gym in the morning to kickstart your metabolism and boost your mood for the day. Or get your sweat on to release the stresses of the day with an evening workout that will ensure you get your forty winks. 


To ensure our members' safety during COVID-19, we're limiting capacity within all clubs, so that you'll be suitably socially distanced from others. The gym floor will therefore be busy at peak times, meaning that some members will be asked to wait to gain entry. 

With 24 hour access, pick a quiet time that works for you, to be sure you can enjoy your favourite bits of kit without hanging about. Check out the club capacity tracker within the Member's Area to see usage levels right now for your club. 


Many members don't yet feel confident about returning to club whilst COVID-19 continues. We've put numerous cutting-edge safety measures in place to keep your workout space clean and contamination-free. However if you feel more comfortable in a quieter gym environment, 24/7 access allows you to hit the gym when you can be sure of adequate social distancing. 

The weights areas have been clearly marked for social distancing, though by using the club during quieter hours, you'll enjoy the additional space, hopefully helping you to feel much safer. 

Our kit has been separated with high quality perspex screens, to prevent contamination. Though feel free to put a little extra distance between you and your fellow early birds with an early morning workout on the cardio kit. 


Whether you've been furloughed, made redundant or have worked right through the pandemic, it's been a stressful and uncertain time for all. Sometimes, a workout away from family and friends can help you to focus, relieve tension and clear your mind of worries. 

Enjoy an evening workout before bed to help you sleep more deeply and for longer. Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our sleep quality. 

Or start the day with an early workout, which has been proven to boost mood, increase energy levels and make you feel more positive for the day ahead. 


Younger members are full of life, aren't they? Focussed on their fitness, enjoying the social camaraderie and stopping to snap a selfie on their way out. 

24 hour access is only available to members over the age of 18, for safety reasons. Therefore if you're over 18, you can enjoy the gym floor outside of Peak hours, with exclusive over 18's access. 


If you want to get in, get your workout done, then get out, 24/7 access is ideal. As 24 hour gym access does not include access to changing rooms, studios or wet areas (due to health and safety considerations), you can come ready, hit the gym and head home without the faff of hauling your fitness kit with you. 


To ensure you're safe in club during the late nights or early hours, CCTV is in operation throughout and emergency alarms are installed in the gym should you feel unwell or need emergency help. 

Our car park is safe and secure, with CCTV monitoring all areas to keep you, and your belongings safe. 


So if heading into club so soon after lockdown leaves you feeling a little daunted, fear not... we're ready whenever you are. Your workout, your way. 

For more details on 24/7 access at your club, speak to the team, or find your 24 club below


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