45% Of Us Hit The Gym To Socialise

Eight out of ten adults admit that one of the main reasons they go to the gym is to socialise with others.

Zumba surveyed 2,000 gym goers and found that four in 10 people work out every couple of days, but admit that 50% of the time it’s just too much like hard work. But, 84% of people said they would be more inclined to workout more often, if they had a buddy in tow. 

Those asked, listed running, cycling and weightlifting as the most tedious workouts to tackle alone. We get it, sometimes even the best fitness playlist doesn't beat having your bestie beside you for a little extra morale. 

50% of people said they find it difficult to workout solo, becoming bored, unmotivated or simply in need of a little banter to keep them going. Instead, they use heading to the gym as an excuse to hang out with their mates. 

Not a bad shout though. Working out with a friend not only makes you more likely to turn up in the first place, but also pushes you to workout for longer. (About 18 minutes longer, on average, in case you were wondering). 

38% said they would feel more motivated to leave the house with someone else in tow. And why not? Couple that sweat sesh with a good old goss or a chance to make a few weekend plans, suddenly a dull dumbbell session becomes a super motivated workout window. Not only are you likely to stick around for longer, but exercising with a friend empowers you with that added boost to push past physical limits, meaning you'll get more out of your workout too. 

Six in 10 said exercise with others makes it more fun. Many of our members would agree, with competitive challenges or joint fitness goals becoming popular amongst those who love to tackle the treadmill as a twosome. Grab a MyZone belt and go head-to-head with your bestie whilst your performance is cast onto the big screens, for the ultimate injection of fun into an otherwise dwindling workout. 

Or if you share a goal, get started on a Village Advance 12 week programme together, to motivate each other to achieve your goals. 

Zumba's spokeswoman added: “The research certainly does suggest there are some real benefits to shared experiences when it comes to a good workout. 

Often, it can feel less like a chore and more of a social experience – while still getting to push yourself and get some solid exercise.

Exercises classes are a great example of getting the best of both worlds."

We couldn't agree more. There's nothing like a group fitness class to get you feeling pumped up and motivated whilst surrounded by your favourite people. Throw in some cracking beats and some cool moves, it's like a night out rather than a workout. Whether you're tackling a spin class with your buddy beside you or throwing shapes Saturday-night style in a BodyJam session, group fitness is so much better when shared with friends. 

And of course, it's not all about the fitness. Our members rave about the social aspect of Village life, with a jam-packed schedule of member events to keep their diaries full. From Pilates & Lattes to Spin N ' Gin, coffee mornings to quiz nights, our community comes together in force to share their fondness for fitness, friendships and fun! 

In which case, we can see why the gym is fast becoming a space to get your network on, not just to work out. 


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