You should get a MyZone belt

We are always looking for ways to enhance your workout experience and help you achieve your fitness goals. That's why we've teamed up with MyZone, a revolutionary fitness tracking system designed to give you real-time insights and keep you motivated.

What is a MyZone Belt?

A MyZone belt is a wearable fitness tracker that monitors your physical activity using wireless and cloud technology. It's more than just a heart rate monitor; it's a fitness tool that uses Bluetooth, ANT+, and analog technology to provide real-time feedback on your heart rate, calories burned, and effort levels. This information is converted into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), which prioritise effort over fitness levels, giving you a more accurate picture of your workout's effectiveness.

How Does the MyZone Belt Work?

  1. Wearable Comfort: The MyZone belt is designed to be worn comfortably around your chest, ensuring accurate heart rate monitoring.
  2. Real-Time Feedback: As you work out, the belt tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and effort. This data is transmitted in real-time to the MyZone app on your smartphone or displayed on MyZone screens in the gym.
  3. Effort-Based Tracking: The unique MEPs system measures your effort rather than just fitness levels. This means whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the MyZone belt gives you a fair assessment of your workout intensity.
  4. Connectivity: The belt uses Bluetooth, ANT+, and analog technology, ensuring it connects seamlessly with various devices and gym equipment.

The Benefits of Using a MyZone Belt

  • Accurate Monitoring
    With the MyZone belt, you get precise data on your workouts, helping you understand how hard you're working and where you can improve. This accuracy ensures that you're always training within your optimal zones, maximising the effectiveness of your sessions.
  • Enhanced Motivation
    MyZone belts turn your workouts into a game. You can connect with your gym buddies and compete with other members for a bit of friendly competition. The MEPs system adds a fun, competitive element to your fitness routine, keeping you motivated and engaged.
  • Personalised Feedback
    The MyZone belt provides detailed insights into your physical activity, tailored to your fitness level. This personalised feedback helps you make informed decisions about your training and recovery.
  • Community and Accountability
    By joining the MyZone community, you become part of a supportive network of fitness enthusiasts. Share your progress, participate in challenges, and celebrate your achievements with like-minded individuals. Whilst you workout, you can see your workout and others on the screens around the gym so you can find and compete with your fellow MyZone homies.
  • Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
    Set specific goals and track your progress over time with the MyZone app. Whether you're aiming to improve your cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, or build strength, the MyZone belt helps you stay on track and measure your success.

Exclusive Member Discount

Ready to elevate your fitness game with a MyZone belt? As our amazing Village Gym members, you can purchase a MyZone belt at a huge discounted price in the club. Visit our club to learn more about MyZone belts and take advantage of the exclusive member discount. Connect with your gym buddies, compete for MEPs, and take your fitness journey to the next level.




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