60 Seconds With Matt Nuttall

We caught up with expert Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, Matt Nuttall to find out what keeps him pushing towards smashing those fitness goals. 

When and why did you start your fitness journey?
I started my fitness journey around the same time I was leaving high school, so that would be around 27 years ago, wow! My teacher got me into weightlifting as I think he could see I could easily end up going down a different path. I fell in love with weight training and kickboxing and went on to compete for England in kickboxing and also competed in bodybuilding shows.

What is the reason you decided on muscle gain as your chosen goal?
I just fell in love with the process of building muscle, I loved hanging around the gym even if I wasn´t training. I just wanted to be in good shape. I loved the way it made me feel and the confidence it gave me. I was always chasing the man in the mirror after a session and I still am to this day. I wanted to be like my childhood hero´s, Arnold and Stallone.

Who was your inspiration?
Arnold and Stallone were big inspirations for me growing up and watching their movies all the time. Also Jean Claude Van Dam, which is mainly why I wanted to combine kickboxing aswell. I had a couple of real life inspirations also, one who I am still friends with to this day.

What motivates you?
My main motivation is just to be a better version of myself all the time. I want to constantly improve, I want to be leaner, faster, stronger and I want to feel proud of my achievements. I take motivation from everywhere. I see people in the gym who are just starting out on their journey and that gives me motivation. I want to be a role model for my clients also, someone that they can look upto. Fitness has always been the one thing i´m really good at so to stay fit, active and in shape is really important for me.

Toughest challenge you encounter in reaching your goal?
I guess the toughest challenge I face when reaching my goals is my own self sabotage. Many of my clients report the same also. I can be my own worst enemy especially as I get closer and closer to my goal. But I love that mental struggle and I love to prove myself wrong and beat that inner voice. Even though I know i´ll be hearing from it again in the future. I believe overcoming it over and over again makes us stronger over time.

Training tip?
Slow everything down. If there is something you´ll hear me saying over and over again in a training setting, it's SLOW, STRETCH and FOCUS. I have been the guy who wanted to be the strongest in the gym. I have lifted some heavy stuff, but looking back, it wasn't actually congruent with my goals and what I wanted. It was purely to please my EGO. And that is always where injuries have occured for me. Leave your ego at the door, and spend some time in your head, listening to what your muscles are saying, slow your movements down, enjoy a great big stretch in the muscle and focus. Don´t worry what weight the next person has on the bar, stay in your own lane and enjoy your journey!

Favourite cheat meal?
I love Mexican food, I´ve been there a couple of times and I just love the flavor. Fajitas are my Go to cheat meal. It's not even that bad a cheat meal I guess, but i will go to town with sour cream and cheese, making it quite calorific

Favourite aspect of the gym?
I love to see people trying to better themselves, that's what I love about the gym. From the person just walking through the door, to the seasoned bodybuilder, they are all in there for the exact same reasons, to become a better version of themselves.

Favourite exercise?
I love dumbbell chest presses, I can go really heavy on them and get a super pump in the chest with them.

Best advice you've ever received?
When I first started lifting in the gym, some of the older boys at the time (older sounds funny now because they were my age now), they used to tell me that I didn't need to go as heavy with my lifting, and I used to think they were just saying that because they didñ´t lift as much as me! 25 years later and I'm saying the same things to younger gym members!

Favourite training song?
It has to be ´no easy way out¨ from Rocky 4. That movie and the whole soundtrack has seen me be super motivated through a million workouts

Tell us something not many people know about you?
I´m a little bit alien obsessed. If I´m ever watching tv, it's more than likely going to be the show áncient aliens´. I sometimes drive up into the mountains in Marbella and just lay on the grass looking up at the sky. When they come, I'm going with them that's for sure!

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