Beat the Body Image Blues in 30 Minutes

Not feeling selfie ready? Feel better about how you look in just 30 minutes.

A new study reinforces the role exercise can play in feeling better about how you look, and avoiding the harmful consequences of body dissatisfaction.

Negative body image can be a daily battle for many women. Although not unheard of in males, it is women who suffer most from what is known technically as “body dissatisfaction”, which is often associated with low self-esteem, depression and harmful health behaviors, including eating disorders.

Although far from a miracle cure, just one 30-minute bout of exercise can have significant effects on immediate thoughts of body dissatisfaction. This then translates into a better mood and more positive thoughts that can last all day.

This positive impact was further reinforced in the women who completed this study, whose self-perception improved after exercise, and who felt stronger and less overweight.

So, what can you get done in 30 minutes that will have you on your way towards a more positive self-esteem? 


BodyBalance is a yoga-based fitness class that features moves inspired by pilates and tai chi. A 30 minute class will leave you feeling brighter, more focussed and able to sleep better. 


BodyJam by Les Mills is the ultimate fitness class for dance fans in need of a cardio workout. Great for toning the legs, thighs and getting that butt perky.

Sh'Bam is all about the fun. 30 minutes of getting your groove on to your favourite dance tunes, lots of sassy moves and plenty of smiles. 


Les Mills BodyPump will certainly leave you feeling transformed! Using a range of varying weights and plenty of repetition, our BodyPump  fitness class will get you moving to your favourite dance tunes, as you pump those barbells for a more toned upper body.

BodyPump is popular amongst our members thanks to the 'rep effect'... keeping your body burning calories long after you leave the studio. Great for helping with weight loss goals, which in turn will help to keep the positive feelings flowing! 

"I love BodyPump as it's a great way to tone up my arms without slogging away on the resistance kit in the gym. Ladies often don't lift weights because they worry about bulking up, but BodyPump is more about toning and sculpting the arms. I'm loving the results." (Nancy| A Regular at BodyPump in Solihull)


Tone by Les Mills combines strength training, cardio work and core-busting exercises that will torch fat and get your heart pumping. In just 45 minutes, you'll be on your way to better balance, flexibility, agility and core strength. The full body workout you'll get from a Tone class is great for lifting self-esteem and keeping you motivated to stay on track. 

Les Mills Core

Our Core class by Les Mills are designed to target the abs and back, giving you a stronger body and better muscle tone. 

During our 30-minute class, your Les Mills-trained instructors will take you through various core exercise techniques using resistance equipment and weight plates.

Expect plenty of bodyweight exercises such as crunches and hovers to get those core muscles working and strengthen those abs! Because, who doesn't feel great after a good core session?

"I do Les Mills Core in Blackpool twice every week to help tone my core and strengthen my back after having my son. It's fun, there's loads of variety and I can work at my own pace. Though the instructors will certainly push you to your limits to be sure you get awesome results!" (Katie | Village Gym Blackpool member)


The Trip by Les Mills is an immersive group cycling experience that will see you ride through a digital world of underwater caves and snow-capped mountains. 

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, The Trip is available at selected Village Gyms, but you can try a 30 minute virtual version of The Trip at your local Club.

Perfect for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that loves a creative approach to exercise. You'll be beating the blues in no time!

Which will you choose? Book your class online or via the app!

This study insight originally appeared on courtesy of Professor David Cameron-Smith


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