Boxercise For Weight Loss

How Can Boxercise Help With Weight Loss?

If you're just getting started on a weight loss quest, though don't fancy the monotony of pounding the treadmill on the gym floor, group fitness classes are a great way to keep you on track towards your weight loss goals!

It's no wonder professional boxers are able to maintain a lean, lightweight frame, thanks to the fat-burning workout techniques they use to stay in shape.

Boxercise is a great fat-burning fitness class, designed to work the whole body and get the heart pumping.

Our Boxercise classes include padwork, boxing circuits, cardio and resistance for a high energy workout that will tone you up and trim you down. 

We take a look at a few reason why Boxercise is a great fitness class for weight loss...

Fitness Made Fun

30 minutes of Boxercise can burn up to 350 calories. Unlike taking to the treadmill for 30 minutes, you'll be basting calories without getting bored. Think, punches, kicks, burpees, shuttle runs, squats and sit-ups... all designed to work up a sweat in a way that you'll actually enjoy!

Increased Cardio Fitness

By upping your cardio game, you increase your body's stamina, allowing you to push yourself for longer. The harder you work, the more fat you'll burn.

The intensive and rigorous pad work exercises in our Boxercise classes, combined with repetitive striking and punching techniques will get your heart rate up, strengthening your cardio fitness. 

Full Body Fitness

Boxercise isn't just about punching. Expect to get to grips with footwork, defensive techniques such as bobbing and weaving, as well as ab workouts and back exercises.

Boxercise won't just workout your arms, but your whole body, helping you to tone, burn fat and lose that weight in one hit. No pun intended. 

Muscle Power

A Boxercise class will stimulate muscle fibres that rarely get used, as you get used to moving your body in different ways. Many of the muscles you'll engage in your Boxercise class are 'fast twitch' muscle fibres that are often neglected in traditional workouts or aerobic fitness classes.

By increasing your muscle mass, you'll increase your body's metabolism, allowing it to burn calories for longer. More calories burned... more weight lost!

Visible Results

If you're trying to lose weight just by doing cardio in the gym, you'll burn calories, though it may take a while before you notice any changes in your body shape. Boxercise is a fast toning workout, which won't just burn fat, but enhance muscle definition. Once you begin to start losing weight, you'll notice a change in your physique. Tighter abs, more toned arms and a firmer butt. 

More Motivation

One of the reasons many of our members fall off the weight loss wagon is a lack of motivation. It can be tough dragging yourself to the gym on a cold night when you'd rather be catching up on the latest box sets!

By committing to regular group fitness classes, you make yourself accountable to your fellow Boxercise buddies. This makes you more likely to stick to your weight loss plan, and attend regular classes.

The buzz you'll get from a group workout is also a great way to stay positive and focussed on your weight loss goals.

Tackle Tough Fat

As we get older (hey, it happens to all of us!) men generally store more fat around the middle. For women, fat settles further down towards the bum and thighs. Boxercise is a great way to target stubborn areas as part of your weight loss mission. By working the whole body at a high intensity, you'll notice fat loss from areas that plague us once we hit middle age! 

"I do Boxercise in Aberdeen once a week, plus two days of cardio in the gym. I have noticed my body shape go from flabby to firm! My upper arms are much more toned, I can see my abs and it's become much easier to maintain my weekly weight loss targets." (Village Gym Aberdeen member) 

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