Festive Fitness Funstoppers

For most of us, the Christmas period is a time for lunching, laughter and over indulging on the mince pies! Though, all of those late nights, boozy bashes and last minute rushes can take it’s toll on your health.

So, we take a look at a few areas that may put the stoppers on your Christmas fun, along with a few pointers from the Village Gym fitness team on how to keep well this festive season…

Binge Bulge

Days spent munching on the Christmas leftovers and digging into the chocolate tin can quickly add up to unexpected weight gain. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a few treats over the festive season, though as our personal training team advise, balancing the excess treats with plenty of fresh fruits and veg plus an after dinner stroll will help to beat the bulge.

Sickness and Sniffles

There’s a reason why we tend to get more colds and flu during the winter. Viruses have a tendency to linger for longer in cold and dry air. Throw in lots of close contact during the party season and you’re even more likely to catch a bug. Keep hands clean and get your vitamin boost from fresh fruit and veg to keep the germs at bay.

One Hell of a Hangover

Whilst it was a great idea at the time, having that second or third glass of champs may feel like a bad idea in the morning! We go out for drinks much more over the Christmas period than we’re used to, and so recovery time is key.

Sipping a few soft drinks in between alcoholic ones will help to keep you hydrated, and help beat the hangover the morning after.

Pretzel Pressure

The low temps can cause our blood pressure to increase over the winter months. A healthy and active lifestyle will help to combat this, as well as reducing the amount of salt in our diet. So, go easy on those nuts and pretzels!

Frost Bite

If you’re exercising outdoors, wear layers of clothing so that you can adjust your temperature as you exercise, even if you’re simply taking an after dinner stroll. The team behind our outdoor bootcamps recommend drinking plenty of fluids whilst walking or running outdoors.

Frog Throat

Late night partying, stressful shopping and belting out Christmas tunes can lead to a set of rusty pipes! Hot lemon with honey is great for soothing sore throats. Try to avoid smoky environments too which can make your throat dry and uncomfortable.

Food Poisoning

Party buffets, pre-cooked meats and leftovers can be tricky to navigate when it comes to food poisoning. Avoid leaving foods at room temperature for long periods of time, or opt for buffet foods that haven’t been pre-cooked to avoid making your nearest and dearest unwell!

Joint Pain

Those with arthritis or stiff joints tend to notice more intense pain during cold spells. Our fitness experts recommend keeping warm with plenty of layers to prevent pressure from building in the joints. Regular walking, yoga or light exercise at home over the festive season will also help to keep joints flexible.

Social Induced Stress 

Wrapping gifts to perfection, attempting a Nigella-esque Christmas feast, and playing hostess of the year can lead to feeling stressed and exhausted! Ensure you take time out for some relaxation, especially if you’re pregnant or have previously suffered with stress-related conditions.

Cold Feet

Poor circulation can lead to numbness in the fingers and toes when it’s cold. The easiest way to get the blood pumping is to walk for twenty minutes every day. Our Village Spa team recommend plenty of massage to get the circulation going. Treat yourself… after all, it’s Christmas!



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