Nothing beats the motivational boost of a group fitness class. The powerful pick-me-ups you get from a great instructor, the pumping playlist and the camaraderie of fellow members going hell for leather. Sure beats a sweat sesh for one in your living room, right?

Well according to new research, tackling a class at the gym brings better results and more enjoyment than doing the same workout digitally at home. 

Research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Conference in June 2022 came from a first of its kind pilot study from the Les Mills Research Lab. When comparing the effectiveness of a club-based fitness class with home-based on demand sessions performing the same workout, the results were impressive.

Participants’ average heart rate was 14 percent higher during the gym based workout compared to the at home, on demand classes, despite being the exact same class format.

Participants found live classes more enjoyable and that they were more motivated to work harder, by as much as 14%. 

Researchers believe this increase in motivation to go that bit harder comes from what they call,  ‘Groupness’. In short, increased levels of individual exertion, enjoyment, and satisfaction as a result of exercising together in a studio, even more so when their movements are synchronized.

Why? Motivation is contagious. The power that comes from a shared challenge with your peer group makes us more positive and less likely to call it quits early. 

Whilst lockdown left us getting our fitness on in our front rooms, since the pandemic, fitness fanatics in their thousands have returned to clubs, for that coveted community vibe. 

In fact, all that practice at home in privacy made many members bounce back into the studio feeling much more confident and less self-conscious about trying something new. 

Of course, with the rise in hybrid working and more flexible schedules, On Demand fitness is still growing in popularity. No time to hit the gym? Tackle a 30 minute workout at home, or mix up your in-gym workouts with a few living room sessions to keep it fresh. We love the selection of Les Mills On Demand classes (don't forget, you can enjoy a nice discount on the subscription as a Village Gym member.)

We're delighted to see so many members ditching home comforts for real life, instructor-led fitness classes. Our fitness community is one based on shared goals, bags of motivation and bringing on the feel-good. Good to know that the science says it works! 


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