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BodyBalance Benefits


Yoga bunny? Love to limber up?  If you love yoga, pilates or holistic fitness classes, our BodyBalance class by Les Mills is one to add to your fitness hit list!

What's It All About?

Designed to strengthen the body and the mind, throughout our BodyBalance class, we’ll work on your flexibility, bending and stretching the body using a number of yoga moves, plus elements from Tai Chi and Pilates.

Breathing control is key, so our expert BodyBalance instructors will guide you on breathing techniques to get the very best from your workout.

The Benefits of BodyBalance

Our Les Mills BodyBalance class is a real all-rounder, perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're an octogenarian keen to keep your body active or a twenty-something keen to try one of the most popular new fitness trends, make it your own!

The Seasoned Gymmers

You know your way around the gym floor, have tried most of the traditional fitness classes, but now you're looking for something new to get you excited.

👍 A great full body workout to strengthen the body and improve muscle definition... without pounding the treadmill or lifting weights.

👍 BodyBalance is a great way to get your workout done with friends. Bring your bestie, steal your spotter or persuade your partner to try it with you for the ultimate social sweat session!

👍 You love a pumping playlist to motivate you through your workout. Our BodyBalance class features a tracklist designed to energise your body and relax the mind. The likes of Sam Smith, Rihanna and Maroon 5 will help get you there. 

The Over 50's

Our older members at Village Gym Edinburgh say this is one of their favourites for a full body, low intensity workout. (Find out more: BodyBalance Edinburgh)

👍 Strengthen the body to help you accomplish day-to-day activities more easily

👍 Enjoy a full body workout without impact on the joints - ideal for those with low back pain or stiff joints

👍 As we age, our metabolism slows. Our BodyBalance class will help to keep the body burning calories (approx 390 per class)

👍 BodyBalance will leave you feeling calmer and able to sleep better

👍 Improve your flexibility through gentle stretching techniques

👍 Improve the mobility of your joints

The New Mums

👍 Repair and rebuild muscles following pregnancy

👍 Improve back strength. Whether you're currently pregnant or carrying a toddler about, a strong back is essential for new Mums!

👍 Help you to breathe better, a great way to prepare for childbirth using calming breathing techniques

👍 Increase metabolism to aid weight loss. Our BodyBalance class will help you to burn around 390 calories per class.

👍 Relieve stress - they say those first few months are the worst! Keep your cool with regular BodyBalance classes.

👍 BodyBalance will leave you feeling calmer and able to sleep better - you'll need all the sleep you can get!

The Hazard-Prones

Tendency to fall over? Often found hobbling? Friends call you clumsy? BodyBalance is a safe choice for you, allowing you to enjoy a full body workout without risk of injuring yourself!

👍 Improve your balance and posture to prevent falls or a misaligned spine

👍 Help improve the mobility of your joints to avoid stuffness or injury

👍 Repair and rebuild muscles 

👍 Strengthen the body including the core muscles and back

The Serial Dieters

You've tried every celebrity-endorsed fad diet out there, though the scales are refusing to budge. You prefer to focus on food rather than hit the gym in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

👍 BodyBalance is a great option for those who want to work out without hitting the gym floor. Bring your friends along and make it a sociable session!

👍 Raise your metabolism and burn calories (approx 390 per class)

👍 BodyBalance will reduce stress, which can cause you to overeat, and also help you to sleep better, keeping your metabolism regulated.

👍 Increased motivation to stick at it. Working out in a group gives you more accountability and can encourage us to work harder than we would on our own

What Should I Wear?

BodyBalance is all about fluid movements, so you'll want to wear something that allows you to move, stretch and contort your body without feeling restricted.

Choose a vest or tee that fits snugly, preferably made from lightweight fabric. Loose tops will just fall over your head during a downward dog, or restrict your movements during stretches. If you're not a fan of clingy tops, choose something that's loose fitting at the top, but with a drawstring hemline to prevent it from riding up. 

Check how your bottoms stretch! Thin fabrics can go very sheer when stretched into a yoga pose. Check out your booty before you hit the BodyBalance studio to avoid any embarrassing underwear reveals!

Muscle tank tops, racerback vests or fitted tshirts are great for BodyBalance.

How Do I Book? 

Book your BodyBalance class via the app or view the class timetable at your club.


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