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The world of fitness is constantly evolving as new trends, equipment and workout routines crop up to keep you motivated and passionate about your goals. The new fitness craze for this year is shaping up to centre around a new fitness machine: the Escape Barrow. An easy-load, back-safe workout, this machine is ideal for improving overall fitness, toning muscles and burning fat. It’s the world’s first loaded carry and sled push workout, and so we couldn’t be more excited to be equipping it in our state-of-the-art gyms. 

Change up your routine, switch up which areas you focus on or regain your passion for working up a sweat by integrating this new equipment into your daily workout. We’ve answered all your questions about the Escape Barrow below in a handy guide to get you on your way to meeting your fitness goals! 

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What is the Escape Barrow?

The Escape Barrow is a brand-new piece of equipment that combines load carrying and a sled push to achieve a hat trick in targeting hip, grip and core strength. This equipment is safe for those with back issues as long as it’s used correctly and with the proper induction. With a load capacity of 200kg - or 440 lbs - the Escape Barrow can certainly help you work up a sweat. Encouraging weight loss, metabolism conditioning, and training strength and power, there is no better machine to get your heart rate pumping. Combined with cardio sessions, the Escape Barrow could be just the thing you need to reach your goals and see the results you desire. 

How the Escape Barrow Works

The Escape Barrow is a versatile piece of equipment and can be used to push, pull, lift or carry - the way you use it is completely up to you and what you’re striving for. It can be used indoors or outdoors, adding a whole new element to your training routine. For stability, it has four handles - two vertical, and two horizontal - giving you control and balance during your workout. Split over two sides, the load capacity is an impressive 200kg. Its tyres, located at the front, are lined in nylon-coated runners to ensure every movement of your sled or pull workout is smooth and continuous. 

Which Muscles Does the Escape Barrow Work?

With its dynamic and versatile design, the Escape Barrow has many benefits when you add it to your training session. For those looking to improve their upper body, the Escape Barrow effectively targets forearms, thoracic area of the back, triceps, biceps, and shoulders. If you never miss leg day and look forward to that burn that comes from a good workout, the lower body benefits of using the Escape Barrow are unmatched. You’ll be well on your way to toned muscles by targeting the glutes, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. Core benefits include overall improved health, strength and stamina. 

How To Get Started on the Farmer’s Walk

A fantastic exercise to try out on the Escape Barrow is the Farmer’s Walk. Essentially this exercise can be thought of as a walking plank that engages your core and helps tone and tightens those essential muscles. Ensure you keep your posture tight, and your stance correct and breathe deeply in your stomach as this exercise can be intense if tacked onto the end of your Escape Barrow routine. 

We’ve outlined a simple workout routine for the Farmer’s Walk to get you started as you find your footing with this new equipment. 

  1. Perform a sled push for 30 to 60 yards one way. Choose a weight that allows you to produce high speed. The sled sprint should last 20-30 seconds.
  2. Upon completion of the sprint, grab a pair of weights and walk back to where you started.
  3. Rest for the amount of time it takes you to walk back to the sled.
  4. Repeat the following for 4 to 6 rounds and finish with a good cool-down session. 

The Technical Specs


  • Frame – Carbon Steel, Jet Black Semi Gloss Powder Coated.
  • Tyres – Rubber.
  • Pads on Runners – Nylon.
  • Plate Bracket Tubes and Grips – Chrome Satin Finish.

WEIGHT: 62kg/137lb.

PRICE: £1,295.00

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Now that you have all the information you need, you’re well on your way to incorporating the Escape Barrow fitness machine into your normal routine. There’s no better way to experience a full-body, heart-pumping workout for the arms, core and legs than with a session on the Escape Barrow! What are you waiting for? Sign up for a Village Gym membership and use this fantastic machine and many others at our state-of-the-art gym facilities. 

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