Quietest Times To Visit The Gym

Quiet Gym Times

Who doesn't love a quiet gym?

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the gym to find all your favourite exercise machines taken, leaving you aimlessly walking around, not sure where to go or what to do next.

That’s why in this Village Life article, through real data, we have developed an understanding of when our Village Gyms are quietest and listed some tips and tricks on how to guarantee you get the fitness session you want. 


Tips for avoiding peak times at the gym

  1. Choose a gym outside of the city centre: The great thing about our gyms is that they are conveniently located outside the city centres so don’t typically get too busy. 
  2. Get an off-peak membership: At Village Gym we have a variety of different gym memberships, that include off-peak memberships. Not only will these detail the quieter times but also give you full access to our gym facilities at a cheaper cost. 
  3. Go to classes: If you are unavailable during our quieter gym times then a great way to get a good workout in during the busier times is to sign up to a class. All of our classes have a limited amount of spaces so will never get too crowded and you are guaranteed access to our equipment. 
  4. Book a PT session: You can choose to have one of our PT sessions in a private room, where you are given access to all our gym equipment.
  5. Plan your gym workouts around peak times: If you are one for a planned gym schedule, then make a mental note when the gym is busier than usual and make a workout plan which uses less popular gym equipment. 
  6. Choose a 24-hour gym: Make the most of the quietest hours and improve yourself whilst everyone else is hitting the snooze button or watching Netflix. See if your local gym is one of our 24-hour gyms


Quietest times to visit Village Gym

Our analysis is based on data from gym visits from all our gyms in July 2022 so may vary in different months and by location.

For you 9-5ers:

Quietest days of the week to go to the gym: Saturday and Sunday

Quietest weekdays to go to the gym: Thursday and Friday

Quietest times during the weekday evening to visit: Friday evenings, especially between 6pm and 10pm, or Thursdays after 7pm. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays the best time to visit is after 8pm.

Quietest times during the day to visit the gym at the weekend: 1pm to 9pm and 5am to 7am.

Quietest times during weekday mornings to visit the gym: Between 4am and 6am.


For the shift workers:

Busiest times of the day to visit the gym: Between 5pm and 7pm Monday to Thursday. The weekend is generally quieter, but the busiest times are between 8am and 11am.

Quietest days of the week to go to the gym: On all weekday mornings it is not as busy as the highest point in the evening, but still a peak time is between 9am and 10am.  

Busiest days to visit the gym: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Quietest hours to use the gym on any day of the week: Between 9pm and 5am.

Quietest times during the weekday daytime to visit: Between 1pm and 4pm.


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