The Future Of Fitness

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, the fitness sector is making waves. We all love a bit of kit to help us keep track of our fitness levels. Though, it's not just the gizmos we take to the gym, gyms themselves are stepping up the tech game, with new innovations to heighten your fitness experience.

We take a look at future proof fitness...

Health Kicks

Treadmills and cross trainers are now interspersed with advanced bits of kit that can compute your weight, body composition and even calculate your base metabolic rate to get the best from your workout. 

The emergence of advanced gym equipment helps us to more accurately track health, performance and even technique, allowing our Personal Trainers to offer you a much more tailored workout programme and long term health plan. 

Your Village Gym Personal Trainer will help you set up your MyWellness account, where you can log, view and track your fitness journey to encourage you to keep going. As well as your workouts in the gym, you can track your overall fitness levels by syncing with other apps such as Fitbit and MapMyFitness.

Smart Kit

Over 10% of gym goers now use an advanced smartwatch to track their performance in the gym. And the latest fitness equipment is ready to connect with it. Hit the treadmill with your smartwatch tracker on, and the machine will connect to it, in order to track your progress and automatically adjust for a tailored workout.

Our MYZONE belt takes away the guesswork to track your vitals on our MYZONE screens.

Wait for the next wave, which will generate personalised workout reports to keep a track on your progress.

DNA Detailing

Our DNA dictates a lot about how our bodies perform and how we should look after them. Understanding the make-up of our DNA can help us improve gym performance, health and wellbeing.

Your DNA has a big influence on many factors which affect your fitness and weight, including

  • How efficient or inefficient your metabolism is
  • Your levels of hunger-affecting hormones such as ghrelin
  • Your body clock - what routine your body is best suited to
  • Your sensitivity to sugar, saturated fats and other macronutrients
  • How you process and react to caffeine, alcohol and other drugs

Correct Form

Technology is evolving to analyse technique, as well as performance. TRX MAPS (mobility, activation, posture, and symmetry) offer data analysis from squats and stretches, suggesting the best ways to work on weak spots and our biggest areas of strength. Speak to our Personal Training team about in depth measurement of your gym floor technique.

Gym From Home

A far cry from lycra clad at-home exercise DVDs of the nineties, media technology advances mean we can now get our gym on, no matter where we are, thanks to virtual tech and interactive media.

Stream a competitive cycling game or an interactive, live spin class to your smart phone and workout in your living room, on your lunch break, or down the local park.

The perfect way to mix up your sessions at your local Village club, with a stint in the great outdoors. Ask our fitness team about their favourite online interactive workout sessions.

Immersive Fitness

Les Mills are the creator of immersive fitness class, “Les Mills The Trip”... an out-of-gym experience that projects video and light shows onto a background, while instructors conduct a spin class. It takes members through incredible virtual worlds, landscapes and cityscapes.

It's a spin class like no other and available at our Portsmouth, Solihull and London Watford clubs. 


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