It’s no secret that no matter how hard you work in the gym, you can’t out train a bad diet. But after a busy day at work and a particularly tiring workout, the last thing you probably want to do is slave away in the kitchen preparing a fresh and nutritionally balanced meal. This often means we end up reaching for convenience food, which although means you can be tucking in to a plate of food in a matter of minutes, is probably lacking in all the good stuff your body needs!

Meal prepping ahead of time is a great way free up your evenings and to avoid reaching for quick and easy junk food.

Here’s our top meal prep ideas and tips for getting ahead of the game to make sticking to a healthy eating plan a whole lot easier...

  • Utilise the weekend. If you have a few spare hours on a Sunday get in the kitchen and whip up some meals. Your future self will be ever so grateful.


  • It’s good to know what food freezes well and which you’d be better off eating up fresh. Most food is fine to freeze but make sure you know how to properly defrost your prepped meals, a quick google will give you the answers you need!


  • Investing in some decent containers will make your food prepping mission a lot easier. Stock up on loads of the same kind so you’re not always trying to match an odd container with a missing lid! Glass containers are an eco friendly option to invest in and will last you much longer than cheap plastic alternatives.


  • Go shopping well prepared! Spend some time to plan a detailed shopping list to avoid wasting your time wandering aimlessly around the supermarket.


  • A slow cooker is a great way to save you time. Chuck in a load of ingredients and leave it to do it’s thing while you can be getting on with prepping a meal for another day.


  • Get organised. Prepping in a well organised kitchen will make everything a whole lot easier. If you plan to prep in bulk you’ll need all the space you can get in your fridge and freezer so a big clear out beforehand to optimize the space is a good idea!


  • Save your recipes. Make a note or a digital folder of recipes that have worked best so you’ll have a quick and easy bank of recipes to access when planning meals for the week. If you’re in need of some inspiration here’s a few ideas to get you started...
  • Make sure you’re prepping the right sized portions, packed full of the food your body needs to refuel. If nutrition isn’t your forte, a Personal Trainer can help you with advice and guidance to make sure your diet isn’t holding you back from achieving your fitness goals!

By following these handy meal prep ideas and tips, you’re less likely to find yourself tempted to ruin your hard work by reaching for quick and easy convenience food. Use your time in the kitchen effectively and you’ll always have something healthy and delicious to refuel your body on the go… no matter how hectic your schedule is!



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